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  1. Awesome. This is working fine. Thanks for your help! Will check with larger models and let you know the results.
  2. Hi @trevordev , Triangular representation is standard and is used widely in 3D softwares. If you could implement triangular representation as per video then that will be great. I have used 3DS Max for recording video. @Dad72 has also mentioned the full model scaling scenario which indicates its globally acceptable feature. Thanks @Dad72 for mentioning that here.
  3. Hi @trevordev Amazing work! Thanks. 3D model scaling, rotation and translation is looking cool. Looks like currently model can scale in any one direction that is either X or Y or Z. Can you do little enhancement in the scaling feature where model can scale in all the 3 axis at a time so that aspect ratio of model will be preserved while scaling up and down. I am attaching video regarding the same for your reference. When I drag on the inner triangle while in scaling mode, it scales complete model in all the 3 directions. model_scaling_in_x_y_z_dir.mp4
  4. Is there any way to convert .fbx/.dae/.stl like 3D formats to .babylon grammatically. I am using Angular 4 and NodeJS as programming languages. I want to remove the dependancy of 3D software like 3D Max/Blender for exporting 3D model to .babylon format. Appreciate your help!
  5. Is Online Asset Converter feature in place? Please help me if its there.
  6. Looks like this thread is old one and link provided above for FbxExporter project is not available (https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/tree/master/Exporters/FBX) Please provide details how we can export .fbx/obj/stl or any other 3D file format to .babylon programmatically. I am using Angular 4 / Node JS as technology.
  7. Didn't get you. Can you please elaborate "glTF version of it" means?
  8. Please check above thread. .babylon to .gltf serialization is working properly for me. Hope this will also help you
  9. @SinhNQ Thanks for quick reply. I could able to play simple bone, frame and linear animations. But looks like I have problem with complex animations. Wanted to share a .fbx model with you but allowed size is only 4.88 MB...
  10. @Deltakosh Thanks for warm welcome At this point of time I understood that BabylonJS doesn't support animations from separate file. Could you please let me know way to use animations from my .fbx file? What I have: I have got .fbx with animations I have configured 3ds Max babylon plugin and can convert .fbx to .babylon What is needed: Want to play animations from .babylon file programatically. Any playground link will help. Thanks
  11. How to use animations from Maya generated .anim file using BabylonJS. I have a 3D model and Maya generated .anim file. I would like to play different animations on some mesh click event of imported model in BabylonJS. Please suggest how can achieve this.
  12. @Deltakosh I tried hosting the files on some other server and created the playground but still facing the cross origin error. http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#6MZV8R/#83 Request you to download files from below links and host them to your server and check the playground for issue.
  13. Hi @kcoley, Thanks for the update, appreciated. If you could let us know expected date of release that would be of great help.
  14. @Deltakosh Thanks for quick revert. Now server is configured to accept the cross origin requests. You have to also add CORS plugin for chrome as shown in the attached video. I have observed incorrect URL formation while accessing the bin and texture file. This could be the reason why model is not loading in playground. Could you please check why wrong URL is formed while accessing bin and texture file? (Please refer attached video recording.mp4)
  15. I could not able to load the gltf for my model but its getting loaded using babylon sandbox. I have created playground example for your referece. I have modified the existing babylon example available at (http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#6MZV8R) Plyground for my model: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#6MZV8R#81 Please help me understanding why things are working with babylon sandbox and not on playground. Is there any babylonjs version difference for sandbox and playground. Following are the gltf files used for sandbox / playground (Could not able to attach fil
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