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  1. Update 9/15/2021 - renamed Extra Box Sudoku to Window Sudoku. Added many more puzzles
  2. Hello Everyone! I would like to introduce our new online HTML5 game called Sudoku Styles!! Here is the link: https://www.atksolutions.com/games/sudoku.html In addition to Classic Sudoku, this game also has 9 additional designed variations which works around the concept of constraints. A constraint is a group of boxes where each number in that box must be unique. Lets take a classic Sudoku puzzle rules for example: There are 27 constraints in a Sudoku and each constraint contains 9 cells: 9 large box, 9 rows and 9 columns. Each constraint can only contain the #'s 1 to 9 a
  3. The Inauguration is only days away. Can you find the U. S. Presidents in this customized HTML5 word search game? Use the mouse or touch screen to click, drag and find the words! Enjoy! https://www.atksolutions.com/games/wordsearch/presidents.html
  4. Happy July 4th! Here is a simple HTML5 word search game for Independence Day in USA. https://www.atksolutions.com/games/wordsearch/independenceday.html Also visit our online fireworks show: Online Fireworks Show Morphing Logo
  5. This was fun. What happens if I click on Toasty guy besides my score turning blue. MK1 and MK2 were great games back in the day!
  6. Here is a very simple html5 memory game. The computer will play certain colors at random and your simple job is to repeat them back. Each time it gets a little harder. You have 3 seconds to press a color or the game is over. Make a mistake and the game is over. Submit your high scores for all to see! Good Luck! https://www.atksolutions.com/games/misno.html
  7. If are a sudoku player, enjoy crossword puzzles or simply enjoy logic puzzle challenges then this is the game for you! Kakuro is similar to crossword puzzles except you are using digits 1-9 instead of letters. Fill the white boxes with the correct digits that add up to the sum. At the top of each column or at the left-hand side of each row of blocks is a number in a triangle. Your job is to fill in all of the blanks with digits that will add up to that number. For example, a row of three blocks with a sum of 10 on the end could be 1-2-7, 1-4-5, or several patterns of numbers.
  8. Here is another simple Html5 word search game themed to the New Year. http://www.atkgames.com/wordsearch/newyears.php Happy New Year 2020!
  9. Here is a simple HTML5 word search game customized to Halloween which is only a few days away! http://www.atkgames.com/wordsearch/halloween.php We also have a Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle which was created from an existing customizable HTML5 jigsaw game template and more customized Jigsaw Puzzles and Word Searches! Happy Halloween! 👽
  10. Futoshiki is a logic puzzle game using numbers but with a unique twist. The objective of this game is to place numbers in the white squares so that each row and column contain each of the digits only once. No duplicate digits are allowed in any row or column. Also, you will only use digits based on the size of the grid. So for example, if you are playing a 5 x 5 grid, only digits 1 through 5 will be used. For a 8 x 8 grid, only 1 through 8 is used. In addition, inequality constraints must be met as the grid is being filled out. So for example, if two adjacent squares have a greater
  11. Here is a simple customized word search game themed for St. Patricks day. Game was created in HTML5. Enjoy! http://www.atksolutions.com/games/wordsearch/saintpatricksday.html
  12. I had to add a "Click to play" button before the game starts...ugg
  13. what's new in version 0.13?
  14. I have a online game portal: http://www.atkgames.com It was originally a Flash portal but for Html5 games I think we will do things differently. For Html5 games, if you have a game that your hosting somewhere, send me a link and I will create a direct link on our portal to your game page. If you have a Html5 game you want us to host, that is fine also but it is easier to link to your website for a number of reasons. 1. It's your game you deserve the traffic and the reward 2. when you make updates you don't have to worry about redistributing to portals 3. it is eas
  15. If I offended anyone, I didn't mean to and I don't have an issue with trust, I was just basing my questions on what the specifics of the contest legalese says.
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