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  1. Of course! Thanks. P.S. Other posts on the forum gave me the impression that it was more complicated than it really was. It works!
  2. I'm stuck with something that I expected to be very simple: rotating an orthographic camera around its z-axis. Maybe there's something I don't understand but I was expecting to be able to do that but it doesn't work: camera.noRotationConstraint = true; camera.rotation.z = BABYLON.Angle.FromDegrees(angleInDegrees); I tried looking at other posts on the subject and I'm now even more confused than I was... Is there a simple way to rotate such a camera? Cheers!
  3. I thought I'd give a shot at fixing that! https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/pull/3557
  4. I was thinking more of the API documentation. I stumbled upon a few errors that are bound to trip people up (like it did for me). As far as I can tell, the API doc is generated from source so I guess I'll just submit PRs. Thanks.
  5. Yes, it does help. Thanks. However, it causes other strange things to happen. I guess you have to manually empty the buffer otherwise some stuff remains visible... That's probably why this option is not even mentioned in the documentation ;-). Anyway, I'm gonna stick to CreateScreenshotUsingRenderTarget() since it is working fine for me. Thanks a lot for your input.
  6. Hmm... that's strange. I just tried it gain and I couldn't make it work. I'll dig deeper if I get a minute... thanks.
  7. Thanks for you help. However, this is what I tried first and it wasn't working. Not sure why... probably because it's a WebGL canvas instead of the good old 2D canvas.
  8. Thanks a lot @brianzinn, CreateScreenshotUsingRenderTarget() did work for me. I'm not sure why the CreateScreenshot() method was not working, though. Also, thanks for pointing out the additional parameters. This is how I found the antialiasing flag which I needed. Can we contribute to the documentation? I'd be happy to fill in the blanks in cases such as this one. Cheers!
  9. Hello amazing people! I'm using the following code to try to grab a screenshot of my scene and display it in an HTML <img> tag. It seems to be working because my <img> is the same size as my canvas (1280x800). BABYLON.Tools.CreateScreenshot(engine, camera, {precision: 1}, data => { var test = document.createElement('img'); test.src = data; document.body.appendChild(test); }) However, the image is empty (only transparent pixels). Does anyone have an idea of what might be going on? Or something I could try in order to troubleshoot the issue? Thanks.
  10. @JohnK This is exactly what I originally was looking for. Thanks! It would be nice to see something like this added to the MeshBuilder object. P.S. The BabylonJS community is awesome!
  11. I found a solution. I'm using the radiusFunction callback to enlarge the radius of the tube proportionally to the narrowness of the angle between segments. It works pretty good. Cheers!
  12. I'm working on an interactive installation that will algorithmically draw faces using such lines. While, theoretically, it's a 2D project, I want to be able to animate the lines in 3D to transition between different faces. I looked at Babylon GUI but it's not really what I need. I just hope I will not be forced to calculate all vertices by hand... Hopefully someone out there can point me in the right direction. Thanks a lot for you help.
  13. Hey guys! I need to create 2D lines with constant widths. As you can see on the playground, using BABYLON.MeshBuilder.CreateTube(), I managed to get very close to what I need to achieve: http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#165IV6#181 However, I need the lines' width to say constant. As you can see in my example, the width of the resulting 2D line varies with the angle between the line segments. Being 3D cylinders and not 2D lines, this is to be expected. Do you guys have suggestions as to how I could achieve what I want? I saw some mentions of a Lines2D builder but I canno
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