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  1. Hi everyone, today I've released a small library to create a "virtual joystick" for mobile devices. At every move it returns: angle: 0-360 direction: left, top, bottom, right, top_left, top_right, bottom_left or bottom_right power: 0-1 Screenshot: Demo: https://endel.github.io/pixi-virtual-joystick/ Source-code: https://github.com/endel/pixi-virtual-joystick Feedback always welcome! Hope you enjoy it!
  2. Glad you liked it @Nagval333 Not many people only yet, as it's still on "beta" I've published the game only on Kongregate - which is still "under judgement" Once things are more stable I want to hopefully post it on all web games platforms like iogames.space, crazygames, etc
  3. Hey guys! I'm so excited to share this new game I've been making. It's a dungeon exploring & grinding with random dungeons and random items you can collect along the way! Play it now: https://mazmorra.io Screenshots:
  4. Hi everyone! I'm very excited to announce this release. It adds some features that have been requested for a long time. Hope you like it as well! New features & improvements: Introduced public room listing (`getAvailableRooms`) (#131) Horizontal scalability through Redis (#57) PM2 is now supported (56) Improved how rooms are automatically locked when maxClients is reached. If an application error occurs during `onJoin` - the `onLeave` will be triggered immediately for custom clean up. (#132) You can use `clock` intervals without setting the
  5. Hello there, I'm the author of Colyseus, and I'm having a high demand for multiplayer games. I'll need someone to help me out with client-side development by May. I'll be responsible for back-end development, and will support you on the client-side as well. If you're interested, please fill out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/ZUIBSYG0OietwwJX2 Cheers! Endel
  6. @b10b @mentuat thanks for the suggestions! I've updated the controls trying to make it easier to play. Do you mind checking out again? Is it better now? Cheers!
  7. Thanks for the feedback @b10b, I'm thinking on making the game controls configurable, as some players find more intuitive the way it works right now. Today I released an update, which allows you to level up your skills, and collect gold / packages during race! Check it out:
  8. I've been working on this game for a while, and I'm finally doing a "technical release" of it. Since it's still in alpha, you may loose your progress on the next update. It's a retro multiplayer racing game, inspired by Rock'n Roll Racing. I'm using colyseus in the back-end, and pixi.js in the front-end. Play it now: https://crashracing.com You'll be redirected automatically to a server on EU or US. Controls: Arrow keys for movement 1 - Missile 2 - Drop mine 3 - Turbo / Nitro Hope you enjoy playing, any feedback is very welcome! Cheers! Screens
  9. Hey everyone! I've just released version 0.5.0 of Colyseus! If you haven't heard of it, it's a multiplayer game server for Node.js that has been designed to be really easy to develop real-time multiplayer games as a solo developer. Read more details of this release here: https://medium.com/@endel/colyseus-html5-multiplayer-games-made-simple-v0-6-0-alpha-update-d5d0e5eba4a0 Repository URL: https://github.com/gamestdio/colyseus Cheers!
  10. BabylonJS uses Apache License 2.0, you can do pretty much anything: https://tldrlegal.com/license/apache-license-2.0-(apache-2.0)
  11. Hi @Arcanorum, There are two 2d physics libraries I can think of. You can include both of them on Node.js, and also run in the client, if necessary: P2: https://github.com/schteppe/p2.js MatterJS: https://github.com/liabru/matter-js I believe you can simulate only the physics in the server (movements, collisions, etc), not including the whole engine (Phaser) in it. Cheers!
  12. @iiceman hey! alright. I see you're using your client's data and trying to replicate it to all clients. Depending on the kind of game you're making, this could be fine - it's very likely, though, that all clients will be seeing a completely different state of the game. Ideally, you should only send the action the clients are trying to perform to the server, validate and then process them on the server. For position update, the clients should send the command "move forward", for example. And then the server calculates it based on the data it already has, and updates the room state. When th
  13. @iiceman hey! this issue has been reported already, you just need to set NPM_CONFIG_PRODUCTION environment variable to false on Heroku. EDIT: If you want to try out the client v0.6.0 alpha, I've recently added a new feature that simplifies listening to changes coming from the server: https://github.com/gamestdio/colyseus.js#listening-to-room-state-change The boilerplate is using v0.5.x that doesn't have it. @Raggar about client prediction, it very much depends on the experience you want your players to have. Sometimes, simply interpolating values in the client is enough. wilds.io just int
  14. Hey @Nicolai, I'm using Colyseus for my prototypes. It was designed to be really easy to integrate server and client. JavaScript client: https://github.com/gamestdio/colyseus.js Server: https://github.com/gamestdio/colyseus I'm currently working on a multiplayer racing game that I plan to release by mid of next year. I'd be glad to support you with yours if you have any question. The beauty is that you can code both client and server using TypeScript, which is quite handy. Cheers!
  15. Hi. Your boilerplate has inspired me to have a go at a multiplayer game. My experience so far is only with static sites.  I have forked the boilerplate repo and cloned it locally. Having made some changes to reflect the name of my game I pushed it to my github here https://github.com/dragonmaths/nine-clone-morris

    Following the instructions here https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/getting-started-with-nodejs#introduction

    I have successfully got to the stage of creating the app but on trying to push it I got a load of error messages after this point.

    remote:        sh: 1: tsc: not found

    Prior to all this I had tried cloning the boilerplate and using the deploy button but the deployment never finished. I also tried the steps on the the original clone and got the same error message.

    When and if you get the time perhaps you could give me a suggestion where I'm going wrong.

    My node is 3.9.2 and npm 3.10.9.

    Should you need any further information please let me know.

    Thanks in advance


    1. endel


      Hi John, that's great :)

      Brian had the same issue recently: https://github.com/endel/babylonjs-multiplayer-boilerplate/issues/1

      You can also set the "NPM_CONFIG_PRODUCTION" environment variable to "false" through Heroku's administration panel.

      Don't hesitate to open issues on GitHub if you have any issues.

      Good luck in your game! :)


    2. JohnK


      Thanks for the information, next time I have a problem I will check the issues first. Soory not to get back to you sooner but when I set the

      "NPM_CONFIG_PRODUCTION" environment variable to "false"  I came up with a timeout problem (I am dragonmaths) and didn't want to reply and say all is well and neither did I want to mention the problem here as I had found out about using issues on github and so wanted to use that.

      Anyway all my issues so far you have resolved and I appreciate both the boilerplate you have contributed and the help you have given to me and others .

      I expect I will come across new problems as I further learn about multi-user sites and heroku.

      Once again thank you for your help

    3. endel


      You're welcome! <3 Good luck with your game! Don't hesitate if you need help regarding multiplayer. I'm currently working on some updates for Colyseus. I hope to release them by the end of December. Cheers!

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