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    Paul Brzeski got a reaction from Quetzacotl in Creating a Mulitplayer game using HTML 5, Javascript, and Websockets   
    Getting too stuck into the nitty gritty and laying out long term architecture before he even knows what parts of the game to build has it's own share of issues... especially if this is a hobby project where maintaining your own interest is key.
    I'd suggest setting milestones that can be achieved:
    Create a basic HTTP server for serving HTML/css/etc. - Can you serve your own client? Create a client-only representation of your game's viewport or client or even just a dev console for yourself - Do you have a prototype of your game client sufficient for your tests? Create the bindings in the server stack and test messaging between client and server - Can you message between visitors to your client and the server? Develop concurrency between multiple active clients - Can the visitors communicate with/see each other? The most important thing is to have fun and make sure you balance the creative process with your own ability to deliver the work... to yourself or whoever. Don't over-think things that don't seem too clear. Especially when trying to implement creative stuff and you don't have enough experience or thought on the method to get it done. Games design is hardly a science... it's kind of like the 'artiest' form of programming. There aren't really any rules, just some cool techniques and ways of doing things. What rules apply all depend on the project itself.
    In my own project, I've started creating a sub-structure of files for prototypes that can be called up manually. They're isolated from the rest of the server and client stack, but they allow me to utilize running code and existing variables to play around with completely experimental ideas and features.
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    Paul Brzeski reacted to Stemkoski in Shaders with THREE.JS - What's the best approach?   
    Hello all,
    There has been a lot of work in Three.js with mirror shaders, water effects, etc. in the past few weeks, in particular with the release of v61. Check out and for more information and demos.
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    Paul Brzeski got a reaction from austin in Langenium - a sci-fi game series in development   
    Ah cheers!
    That's fixed now, I was playing with routes and accidentally broke that
    The last demo had combat but I ended up rebuilding the game from scratch after I got to that point so I'm yet to re-implement it.

    You can watch a trailer over at Youtube though - 
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    Paul Brzeski got a reaction from austin in Langenium - a sci-fi game series in development   
    Scroll down to this entry
    *** UPDATE 4th January 2014 ***
    Scroll down to this entry
    *** UPDATE 8th August 2013 ***
    I'm working on quite a lot of minor changes and upgrades to the server and client of the game. My current focus is to create support for scene changes so that players can enter indoor environments with the character. I'm also working on building up a set of procedurally generated/configurable texture and morphing generators to help with defining the world. 

    Another thing I'm working is ditching JSON updates in favour of Float arrays and try to push all effects into GLSL shader code to relieve strain from the CPU. The biggest bottlenecks at the moment are CPU and network bandwidth.

    Check it out at and

    Big thanks to the continued hard work of mrdoob and the github community ( as well as the incredibly useful examples over at
    *** UPDATE  6th July 2013 ***
    I'm still actively working on the game. At the moment I'm focusing on a map editor as I was finding it too hard to manually place objects via database. 
    You can view it here:
    The goal of Map Editor is for it to eventually be able to;
    - Place objects from the database
    - Re-paint objects using a texture building tool
    - Create object presets
    - Create missions, cut-scenes and dialogue scripts
    The Object Library has the following objects ready:
    - Terrain (mountains, plateau's and rocks)
    - Bridges (steel, rickety wood and sky-bridge)
    - Mock buildings (various shapes and sizes)

    I'm working on a 3D airship MMO called Langenium. You control a 32bit sprite character and take to the skies of the planet Ibidan.
    I'm aiming to create an FF style feel in your brower. The game uses webGL/THREE.JS and currently only works in Firefox and Chrome.
    More info at the website:
    Game previews:
    Play -
    Map editor -
    I'm working on this by myself at the moment but if anyone is keen to help out, please get in contact with me via Facebook -