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  1. I am looking to make a simple HTML5 app where the user applies animated lighting effects to a Christmas tree. I picture a tree in the middle of the canvas and when the user clicks a lighting effect it renders it as an animation on the tree. The user will be able to select some basic values for each effect like color, speed, etc and these changes will reflect in the preview animation. Once they have made several effects they hit a save button and it saves what they did to a MySQL database. That's pretty much it! If this sounds like something you are interested in please PM me or email me at matt@mattandmel.com. If it sounds like a good fit I will send you a more details and visual mock-ups.
  2. Lets say you have an options screen where you are outfitting a character. The character is in the middle of the screen (like a cartoon viking) and he is animated on a loop (swinging ax). The user has a properties palette at the bottom of the screen where they can outfit their character (add a hat, change color of armor, change ax to a bat, etc.) how do you make the character who is an animated vector dynamically change to reflect the changes the user is making to that character? Do you start with a standard vector and layer on top of it? the problem I see is I want him animated as he stands their (some games you see the character kind of bouncing, looking around, etc while you are building them) so I am not sure how to programmatically change attributes of an animated graphic... any help on how this would be accomplished would be appreciate.... Matt