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  1. @SmallSir Take a look at my old little plugin for pixi.js: https://github.com/soimy/eventemitter3-timer (Sorry, a bit old and only tested in pixi v4.7, but should be a good starting point for you.) And also demo code at https://jsfiddle.net/ygs4zfLj/
  2. I'm glad you that my old plugin can offer some help It is still at an early stage and only tested in pixi.js v4.7. Don't even have a README yet. Since pixiv5 have breaking changes in mesh & bitmap font classes, I still need time to learn and adapt. PR is welcomed! Take this snippet as a quick-start if you don't want to clone my repo and build it yourself: https://jsfiddle.net/g04xLqdh/ BTW: Here is a command line tool to help you generate MSDF bitmap font assets: https://github.com/soimy/msdf-bmfont-xml
  3. You could use `filemanager-webpack-plugin` in webpack.config.js
  4. Thanks, ivan! I believe there are lots of good tools/plugins out there to make our lives easier. It will be great to add useful pixi tools list and short intro in resource page just like https://github.com/cursedcoder/awesome-pixijs
  5. It's called Eventemitter3-timer . Hope you like it. Just create a snippet for sample : https://jsfiddle.net/ygs4zfLj/
  6. Since over 90% browser support WebGL, can we just extend PIXI.mesh.Plane and use vertex color to implement simple gradient?
  7. Thanks for the clarification! I end up using Root class singleton and static reference.
  8. I want to render a Graphic into a RenderTexture via `app.renderer.render(graphics, renderTexture)` but problem is the code is running from a subClass extends PIXI.Sprite. The question is: Whether it's possible to access the renderer from child class? After googling a while I still didn't find an answer.