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  1. My problem is solved. I use the required function to load the babylon.js script. With previous releases of babylon I did like this require(["https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/babylonjs/3.0.0-alpha/babylon.js"] With the new version require(["babylonjs", "https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/babylonjs/3.2.0/babylon.js" Thanks for this excellent framework
  2. Ooops sorry. I should have done it in my first message. ■ First test. Custom version 3.1.1(✔Cannon.js, ✔GUI, ✔Obj, ✔SkyMaterial, ✔Water material) that I currently use. It's working. http://falsam.com/sbbjs/basicscene.html ■ Second test. CDN version 3.1.1 Version CDN 3.1.1. It's working. http://falsam.com/sbbjs/basicscene31CDN.html ■ Third test: Custom version 3.2.0 AlphaB that generates the errors I copied in the previous comment. http://falsam.com/sbbjs/basicscene32.html ■ And finally this fourth test : Version CDB 3.2.0 AlphaB that generates this error. http://falsam.com/sbbjs/basicscene32CDN.html Tested with Chrome and Edge
  3. I use a web programming language based on the Basic syntax. i know, it's stange. The main purpose of this language is to allow development windowed based web applications . It provides commandset to handle GUI and 2D games. The compiler generates html and JavaScript files or packages for Android ans iOS This programming language uses the Dojo.js and Pixi.js frameworks. ■ But ... no features for 3D environment. I have created a plugin that integrates the minimal features of babylonjs. Example : Mesh = CreateBox(Name.s, Width.f, Height.f, Length.f) I insert babylonjs in my plugin like this : require( [ bjsenginepath + "/babylon.custom.js" ], .. I have no probleme with the 3.1 version. But i have errors with the 3.2 Alpha. Thank you for your help.
  4. Hi Wingnut. Thanks for the reply. The Firefox version is 58.0.2 (64 bits) updated from February 7,2018. This strange behavior is confirmed by two other friends who agreed to test the sandbox code. Hi Brianzinn. Thank you for your test that confirms this behavior.
  5. I'm glad I discovered babylonjs. I'm testing on different browsers and I have a color rendering problem with the stable version and FireFox only. Normally we should see a red sphere and a green sphere. ■ SandBox : https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/indexstable#ZM9G4E#3 ■ Demonstration Video : Thank you for your help and bravo for this framework.