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  1. Hi @ilia welcome to the forum!

    You can navigate here to create a playground: https://playground.babylonjs.com/

    You can create a simple scene with the playground to repro the issue you are having, then click the "Save" button.  The url should then be updated.  You can post the URL here and we can help investigate the issue you are hitting.

    Let us know if you are having issues with setting up the playground.


    2. Perhaps you can use a rotation quaternion and "slerp" between the two objects using a Quaternion?  Here are some docs on animations: https://doc.babylonjs.com/babylon101/animations#controlling-animations


    3. You might be able to trigger a callback on scrolling to check the distance from the center of the photodome.  If you are too far from a set distance you can cause the scroll to not move the camera. 

  2. @JCPalmer thank you for the clarification. 


    The current exporter is an exporter, it is not for generating stuff

    My apologies, when I mentioned generating normal maps, I meant exporting a normal texture attached to a normal input of a material node.  But I see now that you must attach a bump texture to the normal input, which I was able to verify with the Diffuse Material.  Also thanks for the clarification on PBR not being supported.  

    @Ulfheden does this help clear things up for you?

  3. @fdeng I took a quick read-through and one thing that seems to be missing is adding the submesh to the your handledMesh array:

    Something like this:



    This playground may be a good reference in getting MultiMaterials to work with multiple submeshes if you haven't seen this one yet.



    Let me know if that helps.

  4. Hi @iamnick.  Are you wanting to make a screenshot from your whole canvas?  You can try converting it to a dataurl:

    let dataURL = engine.getRenderingCanvas().toDataURL();

    I believe the issue you are hitting is because the top right field may be the last activeCamera set, so is treated as the scene active camera.

  5. Hi @nogalo welcome to the forum!  


    If you want to move the object towards the center of the camera view, you can try calculating a position from the camera position added to a  scaled camera forward vector, like this playground: http://playground.babylonjs.com/#BIYF2R#2

    You of course would have to take into account distance from walls, etc.

    As for trigger volumes, @aWeirdo had a good suggestion in this issue if it works for you: 


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