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  1. hello. i want to know how to path context to tween.onupdate. i.e ----------------------------------------------------------- let t = this.tweens.add({ targets: this.follower, t:1, ease: 'Sine.easeInOut', duration: this.curve.getLength(), onUpdate: function() { this.player.x = this.follower.vec.x this.player.y = this.follower.vec.y }, }) ------------------------------------------------------ is not work. thanks.
  2. not work at 3.15. camera.main.scrollY is working. my work is typescript.
  3. hello. this.cameras.main.setAlpha(0); gives this. why? thanks.
  4. Hello. In my mobile game, input.activepointer returns wrong coordinate. in example, i put my pointer on left top side, I expect (activepointer.x, actiovepointer.y) return (0,0). But it returns wrong position(please refer to my screenshot ). Oddly enough ,this occurs only Chrome Mobile(android). In IOS and other browser, it returns correct positon (0,0) .  How to Fix it? I think, it can fix If i can add offset to activepointer.position, but i dont know how to do. Thanks.