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  1. Can i know in which android device you had this issue?
  2. Great! I will try it out and see if it works for me... thanks alot for the reply..
  3. Were you able to solve the android chrome issue you had?
  4. Facing the same issue, I stripped down my project and I tried but the tui button click works for mesh that is on top left corner but anywhere else. I know it does not make sense but I tried every possible way to figure out why and I couldnt.. Everything works well when its on PG irrespective of the chrome version.
  5. I think im close to figuring it out.. I included it PG.. it seems to work on that.. seems like a babylon script problem.. i will keep you posted. Thank you for the support
  6. I tried that and still no luck, so I decided to strip down the project and removed all the chunks of code and left out just the homescreen play button and the logo. Used babylon action manager onpicktrigger. Weird thing is the picktrigger works for the logo but not for the play button.
  7. Can i know whether are you using cen for pep.js and which version?
  8. This is the first time I am trying to create a PG and Im travelling back to office. Will do it as I get there. The sample you gave does work on my android as well but not my game. Could you go to this link and check if the game works in your android ? note: Lower your music volume as the game has an annoying background music playing. If you could pass me your email I can send you my project, if that is ok with you.
  9. The game is pretty big, working on posting the code on PG. No I am not using touch none and pep.js but I am using hand.js 1.3.11.. Let me try to explain it in detail about the problem. As you start the game it display’s a button “play” which is a mesh with a material on it. I use ActionManager onPickTrigger on the “play” mesh to dispose itself and start the game. This feature was working untill last week 27th jan 2018. After hosting on 27th it still was working fine. From yesterday it just stopped working on android devices (used chrome browser) but still works normal on iphone safari and chrome browsers.
  10. Hello everyone, I recently created a roadblock game using babylon js. Everything went well and was hosted 4 days ago. Today I tried playing the game and apparently the onPickTrigger does not seem to work anymore. No bugs are thrown either. What's weird is that the game still works perfectly on my Iphone but does not work on any android (using chrome browser) devices. Tried to look at the recent updates on babylon js to figure out what has gone wrong but I'm clueless . Any help will be highly appreciated as my client is fussing about this and I am stuck not knowing where to start from since it does not throw any javascript errors.