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  1. Hi! Post with my game Defentures was deleted. Why? I write to support but no one answer me.
  2. I like game graphics, but don't like graphics of UI. I don't understand how to get 3stars on levels.
  3. Played the first three levels, not bad, but no wow effect. Why are there so few gameplays on the Kongregate? Are you trying to get on first page?
  4. Looks really good!!! It would be clearer, if you put a gif with the background movements to understand how everything looks in action. Details and characters look perfect. Blue and gray background maybe a little boring and empty, but it all depends on your concept and how it looks in motion. The only thing the only thing i don't like is the fog. if all the other objects have three shades, then the fog seems to have 6 or even more. I think it better to remake the fog under the overall picture with 3 shades
  5. I think "Continue" in main menu is better. And its better to make it above "New Game"
  6. Why did you decide to do this? 1st chapter is not too long. But as for me it's better to save inventory and player position. Also I can't continue old game. I finished 1sh chapter, and was on the middle of 2nd chapter. I refresh page and can start only new game (there is no continue button) or choose from all 12 chapters. But I can play in chapter number 12 even I not finished previous chapter. This is strange. I think it better to add continue button to start from last chapter. And chapters which I didn't reach should be unavailable in chapters menu.
  7. Usually I look at the errors in the browser console, made on the Unity WebGL unit, all the info is transferred there. But in your game the console is empty. How to pass your game? I got into the dungeon in the first part, and fell into the second part. Is it considered that I passed the first part? Or should I still return to her?
  8. I think teleport can be separate feature. Teleport base puzzle I think would popular, just remember game "Portal". More over you can teleport to the rear of the enemy, turn on the shield and shoot all the enemies.
  9. I think it's not very good in terms of game design. For example it can be levels which we can't finish without shield.
  10. Yes. It may be some kind of special animation of object, or twitching of object or simple glow effect.
  11. I mean all of it)) First level is ok. I tried to investigate abilities. But I created second character and can't understand what to do with it. Then I kill second character by button. It was strange. I absolutely don't understand that I should use shield on the second level. I simply run past enemies) So it's better to write at the begging of level: Press button " " to activate shield. And I immediately understand what button I should press I how to finish this level.
  12. Its strange, but game don't work in Safari. There is no sound and keys don't work. Only mouse. So game ends when I need press Enter. In Chrome work perfect. But to find active objects I press Enter several times a second. So I just missed several dialogs and don't know what to do. It would be perfect to make something like log, where I can reed all important dialogues in chronological order. I finde key, laser gun, but can't ride on bike. What to do?)
  13. Hi! Why there is no tutorial in game? Is it bug or feature?)) By Experienced way I found buttons that I can use. But I don't undertand how several buttons work. Then I fund discription on your site. But there is very small amout of info. Do you plan to make tutorial?
  14. Hello! What do you know about rewarded video for browser WebGL games? I find AppLirix and Kongregate Rewarded Video? Has anyone use them?
  15. Hi! Try your game. For me it take some times to find a button start wave in the beginning of wave. Also I find that I spend money even if I build several walls on one place. Is it normal?