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  1. Thanks you all for yours answers, I try to give you more details for each (sorry for my english, i am french) I have update my first post to precise ours needs.
  2. I am Yann, CMO of Eroges.com (NSFW), We are only 3 months old but we are alreay the leader in France with more than 4M users per month : https://www.similarweb.com/fr/website/eroges.com No surprise, we have the largest French network of manga and hentai websites, as soon as we opened our gaming platform, all our users rushed into it. For now but it could change later, we are looking for studios that already have free-to-play games developed with integrated purchases. If your game is mainstream, we can do a reskin with hentai illustrators. if your game is english only, we can translate in French. We have few games currently, so joining us quickly will be a guarantee of visibility and income. We don't ask for exclusivity except obviously if you ask us to translate your game in French, at that moment we will only ask exclusivity on the territory France and the French-speaking countries, but you will be free to exploit your games everywhere else. You can send me your offer to Yann@eroges.com Thanks !