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  1. Hi, i am co founder of BDG, a french company dedicated to promote HTML5 games on the french market, we manage translation, network ads, promotion, reviews, affiliate program, platform, paiement and influencers on the french market. We don't ask any exclusivity but we accept only HTML5 games finished (real html5, not webgl, the game must be full responsive), we don't ask any money but we take a revshare on gross revenue generated (only on French IP). Ideally we prefer promote narrative game (visual novel, gamesbooks, otome, romance, horror, kinetic,..) but we don' t refuse other thematic.
  2. Hello I am the co-manager of a company dedicated to games and more specifically to Visual Novel we have many licenses (unity, renpy, ...) and we have to convert everything to HTML5 (not to webgl because the games must work on mobile traffic) The work can be done in full remote or in France, our company could offer a long contract after a first test period or keep you in freelance. More details in private message, please give me exemple of your work and your daily rate. Thanks
  3. Thanks you all for yours answers, I try to give you more details for each (sorry for my english, i am french) I have update my first post to precise ours needs.
  4. I am Yann, CMO of Eroges.com (NSFW), We are only 3 months old but we are alreay the leader in France with more than 4M users per month : https://www.similarweb.com/fr/website/eroges.com No surprise, we have the largest French network of manga and hentai websites, as soon as we opened our gaming platform, all our users rushed into it. For now but it could change later, we are looking for studios that already have free-to-play games developed with integrated purchases. If your game is mainstream, we can do a reskin with hentai illustrators. if your game is english only, we can tra
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