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  1. For some reason I was unable to complete my message so here's the rest of it: I charge per word, but, as I'm looking for experience, no rate is an insult, all is negotiable. To talk faster to me please hit me up at patricialoupee@gmail.com. Cheers!
  2. Hi there! My name is Patricia, I'm originally a comic book professional, who now decided to branch out and offer the expertise I got to help create your games! What I'm offering: ¬ Translation of the following pairs: English > Portuguese and vice versa; English > German and vice versa; German > Portuguese and vice versa. ¬ Writing: I will confess that my experience with writing games doesn't go much beyond some attempts at Choose Your Own Adventure books during my teenage years, but I've been experimenting with Twine recently, though I don't have anything to show for just yet. However, I am a published short story author here in Brazil and have several comic book scripts under my belt, which I can show upon request.