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  1. You should try make your texture power of two (POT) instead of 86x61 there could be the problem. Edit your texture in any bitmap editor could be Gimp and make it POT. That sprite maybe was thought to be used in 2D but webGL/OpenGL rather image sizes power of 2: Cheers.
  2. Hi, in Spanish would be: "Presione el botón por 3 segundos". Cheers.
  3. Hi DylanD, I am pretty sure you can do that without any server. This is not an specific BabylonJs topic but web standards topics. You should find in Cordova documentation where should the assets folder be. I could bet Cordova handles an agnostic assets folder regardless the OS target. This is a very common use case of webapps packaged to "native" so I guess should be easy find something just don't look for specific "Cordova + Babylon js" keywords but JavaScript in general. Maybe this can help: Cheers.
  4. I mean if you see it without the css transformation it get blurry also
  5. Hi Ivan, here are the fiddles: This is the canvas native version this is how I would like to have it in pixijs this is the pixijs version blurred Cheers
  6. It does not seem to work, I tried directly in the baseTexture and in the global property as well and it had not any effect =/ I keep trying things, if I find something I will let you know. Thx.
  7. Hi all, I know this issue maybe repeated and seems to be very common but I searched first and did not find anything concrete. I am doing some test and playing around with pixijs. I created an stage 320x180 and I am rendering an sprite of 27x27 in a autodetected renderer (WEBGL always is selected) I am in a macos retina resolution (devicepixerate 4) the problem is I can not achieve having the sprite pixelated even setting antialias false in the renderer. I tested the same without pixijs but native canvas 2d context using drawImage and I could get what I wanted using some hacks like after every drawImage set context.imagesmoothingenabled to false and I have CSS file to canvas image-rendering: pixelated. With those I am having exactly what I want, but of course I would like to obtain the same using pixijs and WEBGL. Is it possible? Disable at all antialias in a WEBGL context? How we can deal with this to render pixel arts properly? example using native canvas 2d context drawImage example using PixiJS webgl renderer Cheers.