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  1. Same error "NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE" and directly a black screen (without debug texts).
  2. game.input.onTap.add(function(){ game.currentVideo = 0; var videoNeo ='video_'+game.currentVideo); videoNeo.unlock(); //; videoNeo.addToWorld(); }, this);
  3. Thanks for your answer but it doesn't work. "NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE" is triggered by "video.addToWorld();" but without this line, the video doesn't show up (only audio).
  4. Hi everyone, Video (mp4 or webm) doesn't play on firefox android -> "NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE" I use Phaser CE v2.10.0 and CANVAS , I unlock the videos before. does not work on examples either : Thank you in advance !