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  1. Hi, too late, but maybe my answer will be helpfull I use base64.online. I use it for CSS background image and HTML Image I don't use base 64 for video, but see this functional in this site too https://base64.online/encoders/encode-video-to-base64 Good Luck
  2. Hi Everyone. I present my new multiplayer game Flags of the World Quiz (https://flagsquiz.games) There are 6 game types in the game: Multiplayer (speed game with other players); Find the flag; Choose a country; Quiz; 8 flags; Training. You can login by Facebook, and restore your score data on any mobile devices or computers Mobile Versions:
  3. Thanks, You can embed this game on your portal w/o problem, just set iframe with src = https://onlinesolitaire.games/
  4. Hi Everyone! Today, I present my new online game: Online Solitaire (https://onlinesolitaire.games) Daily mode (Every day new level); 4 Game Mode for 100% solvable levels (1 Card/3 Cards, Normal/Vegas, more 6000 levels); Random Mode (Generate random deck, can be not solvable); Solitaire Solver (If you do not complete level, you can use solver to check solution); Undo; Facebook connect; Top score for daily mode; Backup (restore game if you close browser); Magic button (help); Restore progress system (if you logined, you can resto
  5. Hi I want to present new game Online Sudoku Daily mode (Every day new level) Classic mode (easy, medium, hard) Print Sudoku Facebook connect Top score for daily mode Backup (restore game if you close browser) Magic button (help) Pause Restrore progress system (if you logined, you can restore progress on other devices and browsers) Mobile Versions:
  6. Hello Everybody I released new online mahjong solitaire https://onlinemahjong.games I add new level Every day from 1 January 2018 (170+ levels) 3 tail skins Facebook connect High score Backup (restore game if you closed browser) Undo (unlimited) Magic button (help after 10 seconds) Pause Restrore progress system (if you logined, you can restore progress on other devices and browsers) I need to ask you something ☺️. Login and complete any level. I want to see some players in table of record (Now you can to see only me 😟) Thank
  7. Welcome to online Math Mahjong Relax. Math Mahjong Relax is a traditional solitaire game where you have to take apart the construction made of dice. The game helps to improve your attention, speed and math skills. Dice differ in the image on the upper edge. With one move, you can get only two same and open dice. The dice is considered open if its left or right face is open. The game includes 36 levels from simple to complex ones. In the beginner levels you will learn the rules, find out which dice differ and which ones can be interchangeable. Online Math Mahjong Relax
  8. I like pixel style! Remeber me spectrum games
  9. Math Number Challenge In this game, you need be finding figures for speed. It looks quite easy for the first time. However, at every level new tasks appear complicating the search for numbers. In the game, you will learn figures in the decimal system. You will find out how to count to 10 with Roman figures. Moreover, you are going to learn to quickly search for figures matching the sides of the dice. Some figures (in complex levels) are represented as arithmetic expressions and you will have to calculate the amount or difference before to choose the right number. Play Online
  10. Cool Game. Congrats! It is game about my logo!
  11. Thank onlycape > It is a success that the game has inherited the graphics and sounds of "Pixel Puzzle", since being both logic games, could be integrated into a pack of games. Music is new. I updated music week ago (try to clean browser cache) I use same UI graphics for all games for play cool math serie. I will setup ads more user friendly, thanks for advice
  12. Based on this classic puzzle, we created a game called Math Tower of Hanoi. The game contains of 18 levels - from simple ones to complex ones. The smallest disk has number 1 on it, the next disk is larger and has number 2 and so on up to the largest disk that has number 8, accordingly. The main goal of this game is to move the disks so that the amount of the digits on all the disks in the bars would match the target. The fewer steps you make during the game, the more points you will get for the puzzle. You are allowed to move only one disk at a time. You cannot put a larger disk on a smaller o
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