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  1. Hello everyone, I’ve recently released an adventure-action (also a bit romance) platformer game. It has 20 levels and including 4 bosses. Graphics are based on a pixel art style. There are also some RPG game mechanics such as: upgradable skills-weapons, collectable items and discoverable others’ stories, treasures etc.. Game is currently available on Google Play store and on Web so that you can play in one of these platforms. If you’re interested in, I can sell a non-exclusive license for your portal. Please, send me an e-mail: onurcan_nisanci@hotmail.com Here is the game t
  2. Hello, This is my first HTML5 game. I've made that game with JavaScript and HTML5 2d canvases. It is an action game, you have to eliminate all enemies and mining rigs. You can collect video cards and gain money then you can buy ammo, health and lives. There are 8 levels and 3 different weapons. I hope you enjoy. You can freely without permission publish this game on your site. Game files are available on my Github account: https://github.com/Asisvenia/Codename-00386-Mining-Rigs-JS-Game Any criticism and suggestion will be very welcome. Thank you.
  3. Great game! I loved effects, made me relaxed . My score is 416.
  4. I understand you, as a newbie programmer I can tell you making platform/shooter games with pure JS is not easy. I'm not saying it is impossible because I don't want to discourage anyone. In my opinion, anyone can try and succeed it but you have to learn and implement concepts such as: physics, collision, shooting, sprite animations, loading etc.. that's why I spent so much time. I don't even know that game is good enough to attract players but at least I learnt many new things in this journey so I'm happy with that. You guys will decide whether this game good or not Thank you for sharing
  5. I agree with you. For a person just like me, Phaser or other frameworks would suit better. But also coding with pure JS, may improve our JS knowledge much better because we'll face many problems and get a chance to design our project structure as we want. Thank you for your answer.
  6. I actually already started with pure JS and I completed %80 of my game. Currently I've around 7000 lines of codes and after I finished my game, I'll show in this site. It is not that big game but it has mechanics such as: physics, collision, shooting, animation, sounds, interaction etc.. I didn't prefer any framework because the reason is: this'll be my first HTML5 game and I also wanted to practise JS that's why I'm coding with pure JS. Next time I'll learn Phaser. Thanks for your answer.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm just wondering about that question. If we don't use any frameworks such as: Phaser, impactJS, Panda2 etc.. and code our game with just 2d canvases and JavaScript then are we going to face any performance issues ? Of course using one of those game engines make a lot of sense but as I said I'm just curious about that because I'm coding my first platform/shooter game with only JS and canvases that's why I don't know performance difference between them. Thanks.
  8. Great game I had fun! I'm sure especially kids will love that because you don't die.
  9. I loved effects! Very good game, I had fun.
  10. Hello, Currently I'm developing a platform game without any frameworks I'm just writing my game with pure JS and yes you can draw your tiles without any x-y values. It is also very easy but I don't know are there any much better ways in the Phaser. Watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMTv6QsAp0I&t= I hope it helps.
  11. Very smooth gameplay graphics look cool I liked it. Good game.
  12. Thanks for your advice. Next time I'll try to load those levels without using setInterval and setTimeout functions but this time I already implemented them :/
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