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  1. Yes. You are right. So i was considering again and i think that one of the best audience floats in Kongregate/ArmorGames - they are gamers looking for new games and want to play instant games. Checked ArmorGames homepage and i see that in the last 40 days only 16 new games appeared and all they are on the front page. So, my game would stay there for 40 days. All these new games have 15-70k plays. So its possible to get like ~20k registrations in the first month. And that would be enough for a full server. Not too much, not too few. I have wrote a letter to ArmorGames, trying
  2. Thank you for the answers! Im happy you did answer, I will have more opinions to think about. My game is something like Travian, but fast-paced. Not a city builder, but a map builder instead. Like imagine in Travian world, that every grid is walkable and player can build defensive towers/walls all over that huge world. Player deploys armies in form of Chess figures which move like chess figures. And also attack NPC enemies in that world(some grinding) to collect items (like in RPG). SO its basically a Chess-theme MMO-RTS-RPG-tower defece MOBA (there is extra feature to play moba sty
  3. So. I am working on my HTML5 MMO-RTS for 5 years and its almost ready. I am wondering what next? The game is cross browser, cross device, fully responsive no matter or its 3000px x 300px or 300px x 3000px - all possible screen sizes and im very proud of it I have released my game before 2 years in Kongregate just to test, expecting like ~2000 registrations. But instead i got about 50.000 registrations. The game was poorly rated as it was like a buggy pre-alpha and people flew away. So, now i'm prepared to launch as a normal alpha or something like pre-beta. M
  4. i need to get many resizeable shapes with canvas which would work like vectors. but its hard. i didnt find any tool which would create functions. for example i draw with canvas a chess piece. it has few arctos and bezoercurves. i need it to have at any size at any color. i used 1 week to make a formula which draws it nice with these options. now i need so many other shapes.. so i think i need to do a open source tool where you draw shapes like with paint and get a function. for example function draw_pawn_chees (x,y,width,height,color..){} or do you have any eas
  5. I am doing html5 game, but instead of images (mostly they are simple like chess figures) i want to draw them with ctx. But the shapes are not only cubes/lines, but also a bit more complex. Is there any website, where i could draw shapes like with Paint and extract to a basic ctx path? Or maybe it is possible somehow with Gimp2 or something else? Any ideas? I need the fastest and simplest way, rather than try-fail with arcTo and whatever, which is hard to master.
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