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  1. Hey folks just updating. It's just technical and bug stuff due to game engine upgrade and a little announcement. I'll update the initial thread for the link of the game when it's available, and it will be available to play for free (play, not steal! 🤣) Update 19/1/2019 - "New ownership" to chewgako, haha! Apparently I do remember this account. The email has been deleted though, so I'll stick with my new account. - Upgraded the Cocos engine version from 1.? (already forgot) to 2.1. It's a freaking pain. - Fixed some background issues due to Cocos engine version incompatibility.
  2. Okay. In my experience, while I'm not really sure how small is "small" in your context, usually the big ones respond slower than the small ones, or sometimes just the same (even though the big ones barely respond within a week). I'd say you can expect an answer between a day to three or four weeks, then you can move on. This can vary from other dev's experience.
  3. I pretty much care less about the ECS as architecture (or any other architecture they would use), but whatever thing they do to reduce file size massively, load faster, and increase performance and scalability, I'll do it. If they use ECS just because it's "cool" in terms of engineering and become a mere, opinionated paradigm shift (which is super common in webdev field with all those silly MVC derivations), I wouldn't really take it. I also think this presentation of "small things" is just a fraction of the feature. According to this article, the aim is primarily also for big games. http
  4. I think someone has already addressed the same issue. Maybe this could follow-up your question:
  5. I like the idea of it to optimize the game size and performance rather than solving early architecture decisions. Definitely worth it for web as well. That Fastlane Ad, holy crap less than 1 MB including assets using Unity? Wow. I think this also answers the other topic found here http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/36498-html5-export-of-unity-flappy-bird-is-714kb/
  6. I'll be posting mostly about game development or at least related to. You can follow me @toraleca
  7. How about Patreon (http://patreon.com/)? Not really sure how it may work for you, but it's definitely an alternative.
  8. Can only wait until there's a fully working demo we can download..
  9. Wow, great news. I wish Unreal would do the same.. I hope they would after porting their Fortnite to mobile.
  10. My only other solution is you got to make some games now from whatever resources you have right now (which determines your scope) and start selling. This makes sure you have money to run your gamedev business without looking for investors, loans, or a job and keep on living. I mean, really right now. You just got to do something, really quick, else you are stuck in chicken and egg situation. "I want to make a game but I don't have funding, I need funding but I don't have any game/anything to sell yet." Let me tell you the truth about game business, or in fact, any business. Most ofte
  11. There may be no complete game engines that allow you to do this, so my recommendation is you extend the third party libraries to your own game engine, like wrapping pixi.js (2D graphics) or Three.js (3D), and Howler.js (sound) into your own. They are good enough to start off quickly for you to make a game by wrapping them to your factory functions style with it. The reason why I'm quite sure there is none is because JavaScript has many opinionated ways to make classes or objects derived from it (classic, prototypal, factory,... whatever I've grown tired of it, tbh). So of course, a comple
  12. You can try finding investors, but you need to already have some games and their potentials. They don't like prototypes unless you are one of the "graduates" from big, popular, reputable game developer/publisher. Usually it won't be just about games, but how your game development business can survive and worth money for investors to spend money for. Then again you said you are not a business man type, and with investors you got to deal with these folks more often than you think. You can try making a quick, good game and find publishers to buy it or publish on your own. But this only works
  13. Same here. I'm done reaching out. Some people end up trying to make a deal with me though. I guess as long as I am around, they will find me (or make them find me). I just leave my game(s) site-locked on my website and let anyone pass by and keep making something new. This isn't my first time doing this. Back in 2014, even when these publishers were hot on HTML5 (news over millions of dollars poured over this potential), 2 of my games still take from a week to a month to reach out, and another month to make a deal just like mazoku said. Meanwhile I already have my plan B set up just
  14. Thanks for the good words guys! I did plan to put some ambient environments on the sea, such as clouds, and drowned, abandoned buildings on level 2 and 3 to escalate the situation, but I forgot about it! Thanks for reminding me . My reason to push these back because I have performance issue back when using large images using accelerated Canvas. I forgot I already dropped that for WebGL . And yes Rockets and shields haha! I do want the big-freaking, mob-wiping laser too! Adding these gameplay-related things (rockets, lasers, bombs, shields, alternate weapons, etc.) are technically e
  15. Hi guys, need help on building a mini PC, or any good branded mini PC. I have a huge interest of it because I'm tired of moving my huge desktop PC. I want it on top of my table, behind or beside my monitor. Most probably like a console. The spec should be like: Intel i7 Geforce GTX 1080 Ti 16 GB RAM SSD (preferably m.2) Enough power supply to run those I honestly have no idea what motherboard, casing, and power supply I want to buy for these, as this is the first time I'm trying to build a mini PC. If there's a branded mini PC that has that much power
  16. claydev


    Amazing work. Works flawlessly on both landscape and portrait orientation. Also works on almost all mobile browsers including UC browser. The game itself is clean, quick but fluid. The animation is just perfect, giving a good rhythm to keep playing more. I haven't tried to go further than 3x3 though, but I am sure it's even more fun.
  17. claydev


    Nice and fluid! Needs a music though.
  18. Still is a fun game to play. I like how you put the rest/strategic time by blocking the enemies with the train in the train map.
  19. Great it's fixed now. Nice game.
  20. Seems interesting, but seems like I can't get through the Continue button. After I clicked it, I can't click anywhere (even the Google Play button). Tried to refresh it and I still have to press that Continue button which repeats the same problem.
  21. Update 25/2/2018: - Adjusted the sound volume. - Game over now shows Player last score. - Gameplay: Increased invincibility delay time upon revival to 2.5s. - Gameplay: Player aircraft position is now 16px higher from touch position than previous. - Bug: The game may not show the return menu button on final level clear. Great, thanks! In what device that you've tested it if I may know? Thanks for the honest and constructive feedback! I've reduced the music volume a bit to accommodate the sound effects and increased some sound effects that are deemed necessary.
  22. Introducing my new game! It's a shoot 'em up bullet-hell game designed to run on both mobile and desktop browsers. Link http://www.y8.com/games/dreckon Art Cover/Screenshot How to Play Touch (or click) the screen to move the ship and it will also shoot automatically as you hold it. Release to stop from moving and shooting. Game Description Defeat all last retreating alien air units on the sea and lead earth to victory! Features The game contains of 3 levels; introductory, normal, and difficult level. Each level can be finished around 3 - 6 minutes. The Pla
  23. Thanks to mention the initialization time! Gosh it's very important and I didn't put that.
  24. 2018 has come, WebGL (1.0) adaptation is now widely available than ever (93.1% according to caniuse.com). More, high-performing mobile devices at low cost starts showing up. Internet is getting faster, whether it is dedicated broadband or mobile data. Mobile browsers are (arguably) getting better than ever. What's your minimum game project technical requirement for your players in 2018 and why? For me, I am aiming: 8 - 15 MB file size 720p - 1080p resolution quality 40 - 60 FPS Supports both Portrait and Landscape Works with any aspect ratio (no borders on fullscreen + resp
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