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  1. Hi guys, I am currently working on a game where you control a person throught a maze. It's my first babylon js application so i'm learning on the go. I managed to create a good base for the game, a character that you can move around on a world, with a good camera management ect.... My next step is to make the game multiplayer, with NodeJS and The thing is that I noticed that my application can be quite slow sometimes and I think it will be bad for the following of my project. After some recherch I came accross some SceneOptimization tutorials and I applied them, without much results... I also tried to remove every shadows on the game but there is still some major fps drops Thats why I finally come to you with the hope that someone can help me. The current version of the game is available at this link : I also attach the sources with this message. I know it's not a very good practice to throught a big chunk of code and ask for help, but at this point I really don't know what to do (maybe there is nothing to do) FPS.7z