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  1. Hi, I've started working on the ghost issue. It has turned out to be more complicated than i hoped. b10b, i've been using cordova V8.0.0 The game runs smoothly on both chrome and firefox on my test devices: S5, S8 and S2 Tab. But when deployed with the default webview in cordova, the frame rate stayed at 59-60FPS, but there was a slight jitter. I tried using both the pixi ticker and setInterval, but couldn't solve the problem. The only solution i found was using the crosswalk webview which isn't being maintained anymore. It also increases the apk file size from 3M to 30M. I used the following Cordova plugins: cordova-plugin-firebase-analytics cordova-plugin-play-games-services cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview cc.fovea.cordova.purchase I had issues with the different versions of "com.google.android.gms:play-services-xxx" used by the plugins above. I had to force them all to use version 11.0.+. I'm looking forward to the app stores implementing support of PWA's, this should simplify the deployment of true web apps. Thanks everyone for all your feedback. Its really helping me improve the game :-)
  2. Hi onlycape, I've added high score and level labels. Just releasing now. Will take longer to create a tutorial. Thanks for the bug info, very helpful. Did the ghosts appear after a window resize? Will look into the scrollbar issue, there shouldn't be any, the game should scale to the available screen size. I've never added sounds to game before, will give it a try :-) Thanks Rob
  3. Umz, Thanks for the feedback, i agree about the HUD. I was trying not use any words as I didn't want to translate them, but it isn't clear. Do you think people would understand: HS: high score L: level, I could also show % complete
  4. Hi, I've made a little game in my spare time called hostile shapes. Its my first time using PixiJs, which i now think is awesome. Very easy to learn with lots of helpful docs and examples. Link http://www.hostileshapes.com note: Androids will get re-directed to a version in the play store built on Cordova. i had a nightmare with web view performance so had to use crosswalk. Hope you Enjoy! Rob