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  1. Sorry, it took a while, I was in the middle of tons of stuff... but enough excuses, here we go! Here is the plugin: https://github.com/quick-developers/plugin-starfield And you can see it right in action, I have added it to the skel project as well: https://github.com/quick-developers/quick-skel I hope it helps, please let me know if you have any comments!
  2. Very valuable advice, indeed. All of these automation tools have their own overhead, so I think for now I'll just keep things as they are, it works and it's never been an actual burden to keep track of versioning so far. I tried to play your game in one computer, it had no Flash. Then I tried on another but the game didn't load, even after a few refreshes. I'll give it another try later, but I can tell from the thumbnail that it looks really fun. The graphics are pleasant to the eye, too. I can tell you JavaScript game development is very exciting. I have been writing games since the
  3. Hi! Yes, I guess you are right. But just yesterday I realized now that the quick ecosystem has grown to several projects involving assets, demos and plugins that go beyond the main framework's library, it would be useful to have some sort of automatic dependency management. Since these separate components evolve in their own separate pace, it should be good not to care about manually matching the compatible versions. So maybe it still makes sense to think about NPM. We'll see about that. By the way, I just checked your link and it seems that I landed at the portal's home page. So I could
  4. Hi guys, Thank you for your insight, I really appreciate it. I think the main motivation for me right now is based on two factors: keeping current with whatever trends are becoming the best standards (I just refactored everything to ES6 after being stubborn in ES5 for a long time) and also add value to the consumers, I'm just not sure that such move would actually help the user very much. It looks to me like a "potato potato" situation right now. And there are so many other features that I'd like to see available as soon as possible that I should probably just focus on them right now.
  5. Hey! I was hoping real candidates would click on my profile and check out my website for that, but you’re probably right. Here’s the address: https://diogoschneider.github.io/ Thanks! PS: I've just dropped the 'expert' word, anyways. Its usefulness is questionable.
  6. Hi all, I'm the main author of the Quick game engine / lib and I have been reading a lot about these tools such as npm and browserify for the client side of web applications. I have been very comfortable with the current structure of the project but I would like to hear your opinions on adopting the new structure that these tool can facilitate, e.g. separate class files, et al. Coming from Java, I can appreciate that, though it's not a real need. Anyway, I already use npm for unit testing so it feels like it would make sense to go further into this trend. Any comments are more than w
  7. Hi all, I'm a 2d game programmer and I can do some pixel art and audio on my own, but I'm looking for individuals who would like to collaborate on my next games. Programmers are welcome, too. I can do anything from fighters to role-playing games, so if you have any concept idea just drop me a line and we can discuss it. Let's create great games together! Cheers, Diogo
  8. Greetings everyone, I'm an expert 2D game programmer and I'm available for hire. I can get your ideas from scratch to published in no time, whether you hire me as a consultant or lead programmer. Payment and schedule are completely negotiable, just contact me for more info. Thank you.
  9. Last minute update: I have just updated the game with a cheat code. If you enter the "Konami code" at the title screen, you should hear the life up sound and start the game with a boost on your lifespan. It will only work after the previous game is over, so make sure you don't have a previous game already saved, in which case it will only load the current game, without the boost. PS: Kongregate uses heavy caching AFAIK, so the update might not just kick in the first time.
  10. Thanks a lot for your kind compliments. You can be assured that a lot of effort and love for gaming programming was put into Starship. The first version took 4 months of development but I became so obsessed with it that I continued developing it for a couple years before I really moved on to other projects. Do you mean the star field effect? The stars are randomly generated, they can be either cyan or yellow (it's really written cyan and yellow in the code, I just used the standard web colors) and they can be either 1x1 or 2x2 sized. The speed varies according to their size to give the pr
  11. Hi! Thanks, that's the idea! I grew up playing games from the '80s, so that's the way I feel they should look like. I'm aware that the game gets pretty tough after a while (just like the good ol' arcade games, right?). But I can guarantee it's possible to finish it. It's meant to replicate the challenge of crossing a very fast highway. And you're in control of a huge hen, right? Which should be still better than trying it as a human, I guess. Well, it gets to the point where it's more about strategy than action. Everything counts, from walking left or right so you can better see the
  12. Hi, everyone! This game was the second finished game I published. It is heavily inspired by Freeway and Frogger, but it does actually have an ending after you finish it. The game features 50 sequential levels, with increasing difficulty. It also has an auto save feature, so you can play a little then come back to it later. Here's the link: https://diogoschneider.github.io/cityscape/ This game was made with Quick, the game engine I've been working on since 2014 and was derived from my first games: https://diogoschneider.github.io/quick/ Thank you for your time! Cheers!
  13. Thanks for letting me know! Since I'm not a native English speaker I have been afraid that kind of word play could seem too childish or nonsensical. But yeah, that's the idea, you're flying an actual ship in the stars, in a playful way.
  14. Hi, everyone! This is my first post to the forum, so please bear with me if I do something wrong, but I assure you I'm trying my best to follow the guidelines. This game is now kinda old, but since I'm new to the community I'd like to share it anyway. It was my first ever HTML5 game. It's been around since 2011 and it's heavily inspired by the Gradius / Nemesis saga, more specifically the Parodius spin-off. It has also been available for a while in the Chrome Web Store, where it fared well among some of the very first games to be available there. The game features 8 sequential levels
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