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  1. Hi everyone! I make games and sell them on Codecanyon.net. I use Construct 2 engine to make them. If you want me to make your own game, feel free to conctact me via email : turanvolkan1@gmail.com Selling games : https://codecanyon.net/user/vetx/portfolio Exclusive game examples: https://www.twoplayergames.org/play/1312-Cube_City_Wars.html"> https://m.twoplayergames.org/slide-warriors.html"> https://m.twoplayergames.org/cube-the-runners.html
  2. Hi everyone, Cube City Wars is 2 players isometric game which I made for twoplayergames with Construct 2. This game is classic 1 vs 1 shooter game which has additional enemies to kill and get extra score. Collect pickups to get powerful weapons such as minigun,laser gun,sniper rifle and more! Play here : http://www.twoplayergames.org/Cube-City-Wars/1312.html
  3. Wow, I liked this game! Pressed 172.5 KG easy 😁 Good work!
  4. Thank you.I'll consider single player or multiplayer mode.
  5. Hi everyone, I've just signed up to this forum and I want to show you my new game made in Consturct 2. This game is not 100% finished ( maybe 95%) so there's a few bugs.Also ignore the "audiojungle" sounds.I haven't bought the sounds yet. Any comments and questions are welcome. Play the preview here : http://www.actionoyun.0fees.us
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