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    Hey everybody, so I've been learning to code on and off for about 9 months and have decided to try and make simple 2D games to help my ESL students. I have tried several approaches including the A Smarter Way to Learn book series, freecodecamp, codeschool, a couple of books specifically for pure javascript games, udemy tutorials, and an online tutor. I think in another month or so my core javascript skills will be decent and I'm wondering if anybody would have any ideas of how to proceed after that?
  2. I have some javascript experience but am new to game development. I like the idea of using a drag and drop engine to help me get an idea of how to develop a game without getting too technical on the coding side. Once my coding gets stronger and I have a better sense of what I can/ought to do with an engine, then I can try to merge the skills. So the questions are: is Phaser a drag and drop engine? If it is, can it be done through a "pure" drag and drop approach or a "minimal" coding approach? Again, I'd like to keep the two skills separated at first, because if I'm going to have to reinvent the wheel anyway, I might as well learn Unity and C#.