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  1. Hi Jayesh, Thanks for the interest I actually use the Adobe Animate Html5 Canvas to create the stages on monkeyhappy.com from scratch. I do however sometimes also make a flash version recoding them to AS3. The code is quite similar so it doesn't take too much time.
  2. Hi BdR, yes I am the one responsible. I create the ideas, graphics, code them and release them all by myself I'm happy you enjoyed them, thanks for the kind words.
  3. Hi My name is Robin Vencel, I am an independent games developer and the creator of the Monkey Go Happy series. www.monkeyhappy.com is completely free and has over 160 html5 stages right now. I add 2 new point and click stages per week. I personally create these with love and care for my fans. Right now I get about 10,000 visitors day. If you have any questions please let me know. Thank you for your time. Robin Vencel www.monkeyhappy.com
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