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  1. Do you have any Javascript or programming experience? If so Phaser 3 should suit you just fine, the api documentation is outstanding already ,and they haven't even finished it yet. If you are a true newbie, Phaser 3 will be difficult to start on, as there are only 2 or 3 basic tutorials in existence since it just released. Phaser 2 has plenty of tutorials and examples online, plus visual editors like Mightyfingers or Phaser Editor (commercial product) help make it easier to develop games to start. Those visual editors are not yet available for Phaser 3. Most importantly, get Javascript experience, you will need it.
  2. Haven't seen any independent tests, but Richard has posted in previous dev logs showing some tests that show just how much more efficient and powerful some of the rendering features are. Unfortunately it would take hours to slog through and find them Most of his tests are found in the examples page of Phaser 3, but again you have to hunt around for them. Going to take some time to really see how far people can push the new engine. I have a good feeling we'll see some drastic improvements, if devs aren't afraid of using Phaser3 to its full potential.
  3. I just installed the Phaser 3 Brunch! Fantastic, definitely easy to setup and start running with Typescript and the definitions.
  4. I highly recommend GDevelop to get your feet wet in game development and understanding many basic mechanics. It's full drag and drop, but does also allow some basic scripting if need be. Best of all, it's free unlike GameMaker or Construct.