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  1. I can't pass the scene. Becoz Smartfox server automatically throw's connection lost event to "checkConnection" class. R u understand what i am telling.
  2. I want to communicate between normal class to Phaser scene class. How to do that ? Normal Class:- export default class checkConnection { i need to call the scene class ? } Scene class:- import { Scene } from ‘phaser’; class connectionLost extends Scene { constructor() { super({ key: connectionLost }); } /** create */ create() { //Show Popup Contains connection Lost Message. } } export default connectionLost; Lots of them tells can’t call normal class to scene class. please Go to trigger custom Window event. Any-other option there to call. Please share your Knowledge.
  3. I Use "phaser-ce": "^2.10.0". I want to integrate razorpay payment gateway in phaser es6 webpack. There is sample code in razorpay this is the URL - . In this URL i add the plugin. But i don't know how to import into sample state or any other methods there ? Any one share your knowledge how to import plugins? Please Help Us.
  4. My Backend is java. I create a socket using java. I want to connect this scoket using what can i do. i can't find any tuts. Any one can share ur Knowledge. How to connect live ip using
  5. I have The Same Problem Using Crosswalk Web View. AnyOne have a solution for this.
  6. my game is timer Based game. What can i do. Any other option there for that problem.
  7. In Phaser i use ES5, this is my boot state. ------------------------------------ var initGame = function(game) {}; initGame.prototype = { init: function() { console.log("INIT GAME"); this.scale.scaleMode = Phaser.ScaleManager.SHOW_ALL; = true; }, preload:function () { console.log("Preload"); }, create:function () { game.state.start("STAGE_ASSETS"); }, } ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is My Second State- ----------------------------------------- var stageAssets = function () { i =0; } stageAssets.prototype = { create: function () { console.log("STAGE ASSETS"); }, update: function () { wheel.angle +=1; console.log("----------------i----->"+i++); }, } In this game i just trace i in update, In browser i just move to next tab update is stopped, I also put In my boot state, still Update is not Working when i minimize window or move to next tab, update is stopped. In my game i put some main functions in update. that function are not working at that time. I google is lots of time, still no one give solution. Please Help us rectify this problem.
  8. @prob Any solution there for browser stop updating?
  9. Please send any reference link or any code sample. Thank you so much for your response. And also i check your phaser timer based game pirates the match. In this game if i minimize the window, timer is stopped. I also try this scenario timer is stopped when i minimize window. Its great drawback in browser. i dont know this pblm is in browser or phaser. Any Idea, about window minimize game is paused. how to prevent game pause when minimize browser window.
  10. There is any other way there for that problem. How to solve this problem.
  11. But in ES6 its working fine. But in ES5 Not working. Any possible ways there. Using pixi can i solve this problem.
  12. I am doing timer based games like spin wheel. if i minimize the browser window game is stopped spin wheel rotation is stopped. I don't want this feature in my game. when i minimize or browser is inactive still game want to spin, all functionality need to work. what can i do. Pleas e share your experience.
  13. I want to show winning animation in my game. Like this Image. I have 4 text like star- 3500 , best - 20548 , coins - 100 and diamonds - 35. i don't know how to handle this situation. Please give any reference how to handle this type of tween. And also how to merge the 4 text into sprite and make tween. please tell what are the possible ways there. Please share your experience.