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  1. I was looking for something to improve a look and help me orientate more precisely within the system so I have tried to add an hole to the locations(transparent). Something like this: I was wondering whether or not there is some method to this within one dynamic material or I need to create an two types of materials standard one and dynamictexture. Thanks again
  2. Sorry top in what sense(in terms of precedense of...)? Creation logic or..?
  3. I have resolved the issue with multi scenes. But now I have the problems that one scene meshes are having precedence over another. Is there any property that resolves this something like z-index in css? P.S I have tried with RenderingGroupId
  4. Thank you very much and sorry for not answering, I am a bit busy this week. Will update you asap about results.
  5. Essentially out of the box already everything is working(I just removed unnecessary positioning) but I think that I may have pushed the system to its boundaries... I got this dreadful black texture all over the place once I get over the certain number of location. You can see the code in the attachment just paste it in the playground(I can't save it it is too big). Locations are already set in the right order but there is this issue.. I have tried all sort of things but none is functioning(I also could not find anyone with my problem). Thanks again for this playground.html
  6. Thank you very much. I hope I will get it running by the end of the night!!
  7. I will try to be more precise this time. From the server I always get this Location object from server through which I iterate and merge all of them in order to achieve better performance. The problem occurs when there are many locations and obviously they increase (they are all purged and then "re- rendered" on each reload). Each location should have this Descrizione property value in the form of mesh "nome"(it is not just R1, it may include additional text) directly embedded on this large rectangle respecting its borders. Hence location rectangle should contain this text description,
  8. That problem does not bother me that much anymore, I have resolved it within the acceptable limits although I will try this method thank you very much. The problem I am having right now is performance related. Essentially I have some problems with understanding of how SPS works. I want to achieve the following results (https://playground.babylonjs.com/#LE1BSK#9)where all locations and names meshes are within the SPS mesh. Here I tried to resolve the problem using your methods but I fail: https://playground.babylonjs.com/#LE1BSK%2313 I would be really grateful for any help becau
  9. I have tried to apply some suggestions and I have looked a bit into the official guide and there it says that if I am building immutable things(which I am) I should stop after SPS.buildMesh. But at the end all I get is flickering texture. https://playground.babylonjs.com/#LE1BSK#13 I am probably missing something.. Thanks
  10. I knew that just by setting the value to -0.01 flickering was gone. But I was hoping that there was some some magic parameter because I also have some other elements on screen like axis and even though I am increasing position parameter to let's say 0.15 it continues to flicker. I can set the bar higher but than it is a bit ugly.
  11. Hello to all of you! I want to thank everyone for support on my previous issue, especially @JohnK. At that time I had(and still have because of trouble of applying his suggestion) one structural problem with performance that I am caring for a longer period of time. But that is out of the scope for the moment being because I had one little problem which troubles me a lot. Essentially from time to time when zooming out(on the maximum level) and panning the camera I have the horrendous flickering which is even more obvious than on demo due to fact that I also add transparent hole(I hav
  12. Thanks for your kind response. It is a bit difficult to replicate the playground. There's a picture that has been attached. Essentially my problem is that I cannot merge all these different letters like you've already said the material for the merged mesh is the material of the first mesh. Hence I get replicated R1ones all over the place.
  13. Thanks for your prompt reply and idea, I was not aware of that fact, I know realize where my problem lies. Nope it is just related to the fact that I got tons of same text all over again due to fact that you outlined(look at the image). I tried to quickly change the name of the variables in English and result was pretty hilarious. Non sono Italiano, vivo in Italia(sono Serbo). Anch'io non sono molto bravo(pensavo se siamo allo stesso livello) ma si impara con tempo, in realtà è davvero facile. Se serve a Lei ho tanti "materiali" in Inglese per imparare, posso inviarli in DM.
  14. Thank you very much. I will try to put up something afterwards but this is how it rolls generally: for(var i = 0; i < 10; i++) { // Ver=[{X:sth;Y:sth;Z:sth;} designName(location); } function designName(location) { let text = new BABYLON.DynamicTexture("top", { width: 256, height: 256, invertY: true }, this.scene, true); text.hasAlpha = true; text.drawText(location.Description, 50, 100, "bold 50px Arial", BABYLON.Color3.Black().toHexString(), "transparent"); let mText = new BABYLON.StandardMaterial("", th
  15. Hello to all of you. First of all I want to explain what I do. I am building location by passing Vertexes and name of the location(PolygonMeshBuilder for location and material for it). Then I add this specific location into array, remove it from the scene at end and shortly afterwards I merge it. With them I do not have any problems whatsoever. However I do have horrendous performance issues with location names. Here I am using the following steps: -new DynamicTexture => drawText on it =>new StandardTexture=> diffuseTexture and opacityTexture taking previously
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