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  1. Hi, all! https://jsfiddle.net/OlegShaygu/ra303eu9/12/ Is it piossible to refuse black screen delay when the game starts? It happens on first milliseconds of the start.. Thanks in advance
  2. OlegShaygu


    Thanks a lot! But I wrote: heroMoving(0, palm, 1.5); heroMoving(800, cactus, 1.5); heroMoving(1600, robot, 1.5); heroMoving(2400, dog, 1.5); and waited all hero are going one by one after 800px, but the dog and the palm are clinging together. How to separate them and put the palm after the dog? May be I should make the screen width longer? or something else? But the Application width must be 928px.
  3. OlegShaygu


    https://jsfiddle.net/OlegShaygu/ra303eu9/10/ Dude, could you be so kind to point on my mistakes? - I uploaded code to jsfiddle to show you and took the error "PIXI.Application is not a constructor", but code works local..
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    Hi! I'm a newborn at Pixi.JS and ask your help. I'm trying to put 4 characters on the stage in one line. They are moving one by one (in ticker function). Stage width is 928px. The gap between characters is 800px. And I can't understand why first three characters are put at the stage right way, but the last one is above the third one. It seems like the the width is not enough. What should I do?