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  1. Crypto Catch Play - Ranking - Game description: Move your mouse to hover over the coin and click it – as you move your mouse closer the coin will try and evade your clicks and move out of the way. Try to keep up and move your mouse quickly to intercept the coin – during each level you must click the coin a set number of times in order to progress. This fun game tests your reactions and speeds and is fun to play with friends too! Worldwide ranking page: Game is already listed in: I am trying to find more places, where I can add this game to get more audience. I will be very thankful for any tip or advice, how to popularise this game more.
  2. Hi! I made a small fun game with all cryptocurrencies - Need to click on any coin in 60 seconds, while it is moving around. Remember to check Ranking after your score submitted. If anybody has something to say about this fun game, I will be very grateful. Thanks