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  1. Hello again, I just read your document and it reads like one of my early definitions of the game. The ownership problem you describe is already "solved" in my implementation if I understand correctly. Otherwise the multiplayer would not work correctly. The game already supports any number of players, any size of the game board and theoretically any number of teams, but currently, there is no user interface for all those features. I also own such a physical 3D four in a row game and the idea for the software obviously originates from it, but I have many ideas that would not be pos
  2. Hello Mr. Ed, Thank you very much! Nice to hear that you are interested in the project! I did never research on possible legal problems but I just realized that there is at least a registered trademark Connect Four, so one probably has to be careful about selling such a game but I do not have much experience in that department. :S Not sure what you exactly mean with your "ownership issue". If I understand it correctly then I do not have any problem in my implementation since the game is turn-based and only one player is allowed to place a token at a time. I definitely am in
  3. Hello there! Currently I am working on a public game feature. It will be released soon! Here is a video of how to create a public game: And here is a video of how to find and to join a public game: Have a nice weekend! iFlow
  4. Hey, thanks for the feedback! I also thought of some kind of easter egg on the bottom of the game board, but currently I am interested more in enhancing the replayability and to get the people to return to this game once in a while.
  5. Hello there! I basically just want to present my personal game project and to collect some feedback and ideas. The game is currently in the alpha phase and there might be bugs and problems but I feel confident enough to show it to the public. The game is called "Connect 3D" and it is a free to play competitive online browser game, where you have to place four tokens in a row to score. However, the game is not as easy as it sounds because the rows can be build in the three dimensional space. This GIF shows a local game session but the game can also be played online. You just have to
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