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  1. Hi, the 2 games id you have sent me by email, have been whitelisted do check them and let us know if you still face any issue. PS: try to check in different browser because there might be some cache.
  2. we dont knowingly disable your games and it was a mistake and I already told you by email we are working to fix it. so just keep the little patience its been just 2 days those things come in my knowledge and our developer is already on it. and we would be able to whitelist your games by next week hopefully and as I asked you on the email do send me your all games id.
  3. and what you wrote man noone give you right to call us loosers just because I was busy and missed your one email. but still after my email I sent you another email within a hour or 2
  4. Hello I wont write much but as 95 percent users of this forum is developers and you have rights to make sure on which website your games appear ? correct me if i'm wrong. and if Y8 as publisher decided to keep the games on which they have spent $$$$$$$ exclusive to their websites. I really dont think it should affect anyone. But yes I do agree in those mass disable via SDK it might effect 1-2 developer who used our sdk in the past and we are working to exclude those games. and I have already asked Original poster app ids of the games to exclude them via email we have sent DMCA go and ask SPIL and others and gave enough time to remove our games. I'm sorry to say but it dint worked out if any company offer any services it doesnt mean it will be live forever Mochimedia many of old developer must knows get closed so did its not the part of y8 anymore. and as you used our ads we did compensate you with the loss or revenue you might earn from your games but noone talking about it here and just blaming us. thats not fair I believe. Edit: Just checked we paid last 3 months revenue as bonus when we decided to close idnet ads so developers can have enough time to move out of ads
  5. you can email me
  6. No, you can always submit the game under Non exclusive Partnership which is 50/50 ingame ads revenue share
  7. Hi, Y8 have approx 50M monthly traffic and our algo always promote good games but we dont do any manual promotion of any game not even our own games like Hide Online, Moto x3m Series because we believe players should play what they like instead of what we like Hi, Can you please tell me your game name to look further, anyways we are always open to add those games also under revenue share its not limited to new games only Its like a market trend from last 20 years its not like something we build ourself, developers/publishers loves to promote their games and in case they dont they can always lock it on the domains and we will never touch them and even many games have promotion links and ads and we never do any tricks to hide or remove them but host the game as it is and in case someone is not happy we always respect DMCA. undoubtedly one of the fastest to respond on DMCA notices We will sign agreements with developers that they own the rights. We recently stopped syndication so if you add our sdk your game wont work outside y8 network which includes Top 3 countries are US, Philippines, Vietnam even we are the top 50 most visited website according to Alexa for Philippines and Vietnam.
  8. Hello, This is Ankit from and we are looking for new developers for revenue share partnership. we will share you minimum of 50 percent of ingame ads (gross revenue) and one of the best payment terms in the industry if you earn 100 usd in December you can send us paypal invoice on 2nd Jan and get paid within 15 days of the invoice (wire transfer needs minimum 500 usd earning) Regards. Y8 Team.
  9. Hi, I'm interested in non exclusive license please email me ankit at Thanks.
  10. Hi, we are looking for html5 games developers please email me ankit at