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  1. Haha!! Thanks for that @Wingnut. Or should I say Wingnutter?! Took a couple of reads to understand what the hell you were talking about (and when you were going to get to the point ). Yeah, the snow... I'll take the lot. How long's shipping to the UK?! World step slider is a good idea. I'll still learning this stuff. From what I tried before it seemed to just slow things down but I guess I was doin' it wrong! @Samuel Girardin posted an updated collapsing wall PG which is much slicker than my effort. It has some world step stuff in there so will check that and what options ammo
  2. That's great! Thanks @Samuel Girardin! I'll get that incorporated this week.
  3. Not sure I'm going to get to it today. The next version of Firefox will support ES6 modules.
  4. Yeah I'm using ES6 modules and forgot to transpile as Chrome supports them out of the box. Will fix shortly.
  5. Yeah, I noticed it jumping back up to 60FPS when things settle down but I didn't always see this. I guess that means we can leave the impostors hanging around rather than trying to optimise them away at least until the scene gets really crazy! I've been talking about this over at if you want to continue the conversation there. Maybe leave this to Energy.js specific stuff.
  6. The comparison is now live at: http://games-matter.com/assets/enginetest/.
  7. The comparison is now live at: http://games-matter.com/assets/enginetest/ The fact the bricks fall in different ways could affect the framerate here as well. Cannon for example seems to hold the wall together quite well but as a result I think it's having to do a lot of work. @Samuel Girardin do you think tweaking the surface parameters would help performance here?
  8. @Deltakosh No just re-purposed the examples from the repo
  9. I've added Energy to my demo and I'll get it published this weekend.
  10. Ok that's good to know thanks @Pryme8. It was pretty hackily put together so I'll take another look. Presumably you bypassed the BJS plugin for that?
  11. So I integrated Energy into my collapsing wall demo which I'll be publishing this weekend. Initial tests seems indicate it's about on par with Cannon.js so one of the slower ones. However, I appreciate it's alpha and my implementation is probably less than optimal so take it with a grain of salt. I basically ripped some code out of the bouncing box demo and added some friction with mu surface parameters. It kinda looks similar to the other demos but they all behave slightly differently anyway (another interesting thing to see).
  12. So I just tried web workers with Ammo.js and I'm not seeing any real improvement. Have others seen similar or should I keep digging?
  13. This post by @JohnK. Thanks again John.
  14. This is awesome! Great to hear this is still being worked on! I'd be happy to integrate Energy into a demo I'm working on that compares the engines. I've got Cannon, Oimo and Ammo running the same collapsing blocks demo. Be great to integrate this. I plan to release it this week. Would love to add it before release but could always add it later.
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