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  1. Ok, so I was hosting it on my server and checking if everything was working to put the link here, and it seems that my problem is resolved by hosting everything. I wasn't hosting my original files since I just wanted to work on it locally. Is there a reason why this happens? And shouldn't this be better described in the error since it doesn't really say anything and isn't very "Google-able"
  2. Yes, it worked just fine. Tried .obj as well, imported as well. None of those worked in my own scene. Here's a zip with everything you need to see it happen
  3. I've made a mesh in Blender and I've exported it to a .babylon file. I've also tried exporting the mesh as a .obj file but the problem persisted. I've checked my network tab in Chrome (on Mac OS btw) and I can see that the file has been downloaded so it's not a wrong path. Also, I get errors that the system couldn't find the .manifest file but I've found that that's not the issue. This is the error: Unable to import meshes from ./testObject.babylon: 0 This is the code I've been using: var loader = new BABYLON.AssetsManager(scene); house = loader.addMeshTask("pillar", "", "./", "testObject.babylon"); house.onSuccess = function (task) { console.log('---> DONE', task) task.loadedMeshes.forEach(function (m) { console.log('added'); m.position = BABYLON.Vector3.Zero(); m.scaling = new BABYLON.Vector3(0.2, 0.2, 0.2); shadowGenerator.getShadowMap().renderList.push(m); }); } house.onError = function() { console.log('ERROR', arguments); } loader.load();