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  1. lewdoo

    Bending Text

    Is there any way to bend text so that it follows an arc? Without going letter by letter with new text fields per letter?
  2. never mind solved my issue. if anyone else is experiencing anything like this, the issue was that i didn't scale the sprite before scaling the body
  3. I'm having an issue with scaling a body down with p2, it would appear that the body has an anchor point that is different to the sprite it is for. This causes the body to move up and left when the sprite is shrunk and the body is scaled to match, thus displacing the sprite... any advice? Note that this only occurs when using a custom poly to create the body
  4. I think your issue lies in the fact that when you generate your egg, its not being added to the group, try debugging whether it is in the group or not. Also, with the 'aquireEgg' function, you have added and option to pass in a value for egg but then not used it.