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  1. IMHO, Phaser is the best HTML5 game engine for intermediate + advanced coders. I made Mod Studio (www.modd.io) to help beginners to develop "multiplayer" HTML5 games. - No programming skill required - No downloads (modd.io has an in-browser game editor) - 100% Free It takes 5 minutes to make cell-eater type games: http://modd.io/play/cell-eater Source: http://modd.io/sandbox/game/cell-eater/scripts/init Here are a few games that were made using modd.io http://modd.io/play/two-houses http://modd.io/play/FlagIO http://modd.io/play/game-24035 I'd love to hear
  2. Like what others said above, coding isn't easy. I did make a platform for beginners to build their own multiplayer html5 games: www.modd.io hope it helps!
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