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  1. I had some similar problems with this yesterday so I wrote up the workflow I found to work step by step. Hope this helps anyone else who finds this thread in the future.
  2. Hey guys, I'm trying to recreate the example code in Phaser 3 from this sample code as it seems Matter.js is much better suited for what I'm trying to achieve than Arcade and wanted to just get an example working locally.\physics\matterjs\attractors.js When I run this in my own project I get ` this.matter is undefined ` Is there a separate script I'm meant to include like there was in the dist folder for 'phaser-arcade-physics.js' on the repo
  3. I've just got this working myself but realised it's not what I need. How would you move an object so it tracked your mouse cursor 1 to 1 instead of moving towards it. I tried setting the objects position to the mouse position using this.object.body.x & .y which worked for moving it about on screen but it then ignored all physics collisions in its path.