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  1. You would have to reference it as "/static/assets/image.png" at the moment but ideally it would be what you have above. The main reason I favoured imports over static assets was for cache busting via webpack.
  2. Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate it! Currently it doesn't support "assets" in the root directory without import (with import it's fine), but will definitely look at adding in support for it. However the "static" folder can be used as a workaround for the time being, as it's just copied straight to the build directory. You should be able to specify a custom port when running the dev server: e.g. "PORT=3000 npm start" - I just need to get around to writing some decent documentation πŸ˜„
  3. A few decent fixes have been added recently, particularly fixing an error that broke the cli when using npm instead of yarn. Webpack configs have also been updated to be more performant and some of the scripts have been tidied up. In the next couple of weeks I plan to add the ability to customise the creation of a project, starting off with linting choices (ESLint, ESLint + Standard, ESLint + Airbnb, ESLint + Prettier) and then adding in TypeScript support.
  4. Hey folks, New version of Phaser CLI is here: Phaser CLI is based on the latest versions of Create React App and vue-cli, and is designed to provide a zero-config setup for your Phaser projects. Getting started: npm install -g @phaser-cli/cli # or yarn global add @phaser-cli/cli phaser create my-project cd my-project npm start # serves your project at localhost:8080 npm run build # builds for production Currently implemented: Basic template with Babel support Linting with Standard Webpack 4 Webpack Dev Server Ability to eject from Phaser CLI Coming soonℒ️: Support for additional templates (e.g TypeScript, CoffeeScript) Support for multiplayer games via More linting options (e.g ESLint, ESLint + Standard, ESLint + AirBnB) Add some tests into the templates Integrate Travis/AppVeyor for automated testing/deployment of Phaser CLI And likely a few other things yet to be decided. Phaser CLI is still a work in progress (read: bugs!) so please yell if you're having any issues. Any contributions to the code and other suggestions are very much appreciated πŸ™‚
  5. The issue in CRA was that the .gitignore was being renamed to .npmignore - I haven't tested it with the original file named ".gitignore" though.
  6. I've been playing around with CRA and the beta vue-cli over the weekend and it seems to be easy enough to follow. At the moment I'm just remaking to follow what CRA does, and it's working quite well so far: build/start scripts work although they're a bit rudimentary at the moment. Hopefully gonna have eject over the next couple of days, and also some workflow for CI/CD through travis because manual releases are pretty tedious. Feel free to use any of it for create-phaser-app as well. Any contributions to the code/suggestions/discussions appreciated too πŸ™‚.
  7. What about different "packages" (or even a single "package" with multiple templates) similar to how create-react-app divides out its cli tool, scripts, dev utils, etc? I feel like we could easily lose track of separate repositories and branches and end up with a bunch of unmaintained templates. At the moment I'm looking at using create-react-app to upgrade phaser-cli, it definitely seems like a good base for this sort of thing from what I've seen so far.
  8. Just stumbled upon this thread. I've been working on a Phaser 3 + Babel + Webpack boilerplate for Phaser CLI (still a bit outdated and buggy, but works), but keen to help out on something more centralised and adaptable that can be more than just a simple scaffolding tool.