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  1. Nevermind.. it was a typo on this line: (in bold) this.physics.add.overlap(zombie, player, attack, false, this);
  2. I have this scene, and whenever the zombie touches my debug object, it should turn velocity to 0, stop walking animation , and start attack animation, Not working (animation is stopped too): http://cypunkdb.net/t/phaser/tut0/nok.html Working (but not what I want): if I turn velocity to anything but 0, i will start moving again, but i don't want this... http://cypunkdb.net/t/phaser/tut0/ok.html is this a bug, or a feature? how could i stop the zombie movement, but continue the "attack" animation ?
  3. nevermind... my fault... could you delete this question?
  4. Hello, i have this script which is based on the tutorial: i want the player to navigate through the world, but it's constrained to a 800x600 box, (as this is the world WxH), the "game" world is a GIF 4096x3500. maybe this is not the correct way, could you please lead me into the correct way? this is the code: http://cypunkdb.net/t/phaser/tut1b/part7.html thanks
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