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  1. No answer yet. :-( If anyone needs more information, I'm happy to give it.
  2. I'm using BabylonJS within an Angular application. It is used in a Dialog and shows three dice that are falling. The first time I open the dialog everything looks fine. However, if I close the dialog and reopen it, the 3D scene is empty. I suspect it has something to do with the engine/scene not being cleared, but I have to little experience with WebGL and BabylonJS to make a good guess on how to solve it. On Close, I do call public cleanup(): void { this._engine.stopRenderLoop(); this._scene.dispose(); this._engine.dispose(); } Sadly, this does not solve the problem. If anyone can help me out, I'll be much obliged.:-) The project can be viewed on github: The BabylonJS code can be found in src/app/presentation/dialoges/generic/dice-dialog/scene And a running example is available on Click on the menu icon (top right) and select "Throw Dice". Thanks! Meron