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  1. Hello everyone, thanks in advance. I have a game which I use a tileSprite as a reel for a slot ... the issue is that the speed of the reel does not vary too much even though I increase the tilePosition.y .... someone has an idea of how I can modify this to increase the speed?.
  2. Hi a slot casino game...I mean a square with sprite and background...I think that phaser should be scale this in automatic way....I try with this frun pen but do nothing
  3. If I prove in chrome with diferents resize work so so, I mean show a lot of blank lines but work... but when I start my game in device mobile show an horrible orientation...always with SHOW ALL..otrer alternatives doesnt USEr_SCALE... I think that is not possible that I will scale all sprites is unviable
  4. @Adel I read the book but is so basic, dont work for me .. I dont now what is the solution
  5. Hi Newbie..yes a uses 2.10.1..please help me... you said thar your canvas game resize perfectly? I tried again and the code no resize de canvas and not put the correct dimension in init. this.scale.scaleMode = Phaser.ScaleManager.USER_SCALE; this.scale.align(true, true); let scaleX = parentBound.width / window.screen.availWidth; let scaleY = parentBound.height / window.screen.availHeight + 80; let scale = Math.max(0.5, Math.max(scaleX, scaleY)); let width = ~~Math.min(parentBound.width / scale,window.screen.availWidth); let height = ~~Math.min(parentBound.height / scale,window.screen.availHeight + 80); scaleManager.setGameSize(width, height); scaleManager.setUserScale(scale, scale, 0, 0, false, true);
  6. In chrome work excellent he...but when I prove with my samsung S8 doesnt work. I proved your minigame in my cellphone but show black screen
  7. Ok I understand sorry...but when execute the game in my mobyle anything work...the scale is horrible.
  8. Yes I have an Image background let fondo =, 0, window.screen.availWidth, window.screen.availHeight, 'fondo');
  9. Thanks @Adel work better show all ....but rember thar this ScalaManager methods shows white lines on the sides of the screens.. so is not enought.. and doestn work in mobiles....
  10. sorry but doesn't work, could you give and example where it work? I need resize all the canvas....
  11. sorry guys in my opinion this methods is so expencive, recalculate the scale of all sprites... could you have another strategy to scale entire canvas?.... @whalleyrulz could you give and examples?...I need scale and resize my entire game in differents screens..please help me I prove alll escenarios and doesnt work thanks.
  12. Hello everyone, I have been trying different solutions to make my game full responsive, without success, the solutions I found are very old and not with the new versions of Phaser CE. Please, I need help with this urgently. Can someone tell me how to make full responsive my game both at the beginning and when the resolution changes? I work with angular 5 like container and Phaser CE 2.10.....