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  1. Is it possible to have a shape (consider using drawRect) with gradient color? Sorry for the noob question.
  2. @enpu, I saw that you did a couple of small updates to the IDE, is there a fix for the instant upload in the pipe? The work around works but might save some time if there is a fix ...
  3. greencoder


    What is the audio format you are using? I did try some audio formats on iPhones some time ago and didn't find any issues.
  4. Ahha, worked! Thanks @enpu and welcome back!
  5. NICE! So are you back? I saw a 50% off sale on IDE on the main webpage too! Is there a Panda3 in works?
  6. For some reason, this does not work as explained. When I try to save a module, it asks me for the location to save, I tried saving it in game and plugin folders but then module view doesn't filter also. I guess I am missing something here.
  7. And a bug fix from me :), line breaks have issues when the variable passed is a number (it says that split function is not available for this object) and fixed it like this (similar to typewriter code) on line 55 of systemtextplugin.js : lines = this.text.split('\n'); to lines = String(this.text).split('\n');
  8. Wow! Thanks for this works like a charm!
  9. Hello everyone, So if I use the default Text objects, every character has a drawcall for itself (I am assuming every character is considered as an image). And for system text, it seems like an object is considered as a single drawcall and not a character. For the UI based game I am working on, there are a lot of screens with a lot of texts, do you suggest to use Text or SystemText? I believe I can not have a new font for system text (probably a fixed set of fonts that I can use, and where can I find the list from? Regards GC
  10. To be honest, this concerns me more now, I have a UI based game and every engine handles UI differently, moving my project is going to be like moving a mountain ... I guess the best part of Panda 2 was the runtime build on the side without manually setting up a local server (consider I am a noob at it). Does any other engine have a toolchain like Panda 2? Scripting and one click to play the build kind of setup?
  11. We are a bit off topic on the subject of this thread, so I guess bringing together Panda 2 developers is useless because there is no one working on a game with Panda 2? Right?
  12. Heya everyone, I am silently working on a project with Panda2 but at times I feel like I better ask an experienced developer on the platform but then since the turn around time can be a bit long, I tend to dig deeper and find my own solutions. Finding my own solutions has a con, takes more time than needed. So I thought to ask whether anyone would be interested in joining a discord channel for Panda2 dev. Please let me know your thoughts.
  13. Yikes, I feel embarrassed for assuming things here, I assumed : Container takes its position based on the its children Children in Container has their position in world coordinates Both of them were wrong, of course, I don’t know why I assumed so. So I corrected both of it and then its working as intended : game.createScene('Main', { init: function() { var cont = new game.Container(); cont.interactive = true; cont.position.set(0,200); cont.hitArea = new game.Rectangle(100, 100); cont.interactive = true; = function() { cont.removeAll(); cont.remove(); }; cont.addTo(this.stage); var box = new game.Graphics(); box.fillColor = '#ff0000'; box.drawRect(0, 0, 100, 100); box.addTo(cont); } }); Correcting my stupidity now and closing this thread.
  14. Don't worry about this, got it working.
  15. Hey @Ninjadoodle, I am looking at solving the same problem, could you please share a code snippet on how you solved this? I tried masking a container but it doesn't seem to be working for me. Maybe I am missing some parenting.