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  1. I downloaded a very old instant games build that Panda2 exported and it did contain fbapp-config. So I believe this file is created on export from Panda2, atleast with the current workflow. Since the export function doesn't work anymore due to the error, there is no zip created when I export to instant games. Let me try to export a zip and manually put the fbapp-config and see whether I can manually upload it to facebook.
  2. Now its broken again, I believe facebook changed somethings drastically. @enpu ...
  3. Ah! Didn't know that, thanks for that pointer. Yeah, I am kind of blocked on how to access playfab sdk. Most of my game's code is running on cloud script, so need some support for it.
  4. I would vote to atleast then make the source open to paid users. I am sitting ducks without support ...
  5. I can not see @enpu answering on any of the channels, forum or twitter?
  6. Tried this after a long time, not working, the following error is shown on the preview screen :
  7. Found the issue, it was the game name in the config file. It should be exactly the same as facebook app name, else facebook will block in uploading the build.
  8. Sorry, I have been trying to export a prototype on the instant game export and it's throwing this error, appreciate any help in the right direction : Upload error: {"message":"An unknown error occurred","type":"OAuthException","code":1,"error_subcode":1540097,"is_transient":false,"error_user_title":"Bundle Config is Missing","error_user_msg":"You must include a bundle config in your upload. To create a bundle config, please refer to:"
  9. Sorry, what I mean is a UI editor, like in Unity.
  10. greencoder

    Menu Builder

    Is a menu layout builder available for Panda 2? Or is there an external tool I could use maybe get an json file or something and import it to Panda 2? Appreciate any help on that front. I would like to have tool for quick iterations rather than hardcoding it. For context, I am designing a UI based management game and am planning to use Panda 2 for instant games.
  11. Tried it, in the editor, everything seems to work smoothly but when tried the same build on device and browser for instant games, the loading gets stuck at 95% and doesn't load beyond that. Any idea what could be causing it @enpu ? EDIT: And saw this on the debug console
  12. Thanks a lot for this @enpu , shall try it out and let you know how it goes.
  13. Weird, even if the access token was the same one, I had to copy paste it again and the upload is fine now. Thanks for confirming guys.
  14. Hello @enpu, Need some pointers here, I really need to get playfab integrated but I am not really sure on creating a plugin or directly writing the integration into the game. Please help this noob.