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  1. Found by chance that if I use the following color object to shape.color, does the trick : var color = game.renderer.context.createLinearGradient(0, 0, game.width, 0); color.addColorStop(0, "#111111"); color.addColorStop(1, "#000000"); Does anyone know of any documentations on those?
  2. Has anyone tried any other way than PhoneGap to bring Panda2 game to Android and iOS?
  3. Is it possible to have a shape (consider using drawRect) with gradient color? Sorry for the noob question.
  4. @enpu, I saw that you did a couple of small updates to the IDE, is there a fix for the instant upload in the pipe? The work around works but might save some time if there is a fix ...
  5. greencoder


    What is the audio format you are using? I did try some audio formats on iPhones some time ago and didn't find any issues.
  6. Ahha, worked! Thanks @enpu and welcome back!
  7. NICE! So are you back? I saw a 50% off sale on IDE on the main webpage too! Is there a Panda3 in works?
  8. For some reason, this does not work as explained. When I try to save a module, it asks me for the location to save, I tried saving it in game and plugin folders but then module view doesn't filter also. I guess I am missing something here.
  9. And a bug fix from me :), line breaks have issues when the variable passed is a number (it says that split function is not available for this object) and fixed it like this (similar to typewriter code) on line 55 of systemtextplugin.js : lines = this.text.split('\n'); to lines = String(this.text).split('\n');
  10. Wow! Thanks for this works like a charm!
  11. Hello everyone, So if I use the default Text objects, every character has a drawcall for itself (I am assuming every character is considered as an image). And for system text, it seems like an object is considered as a single drawcall and not a character. For the UI based game I am working on, there are a lot of screens with a lot of texts, do you suggest to use Text or SystemText? I believe I can not have a new font for system text (probably a fixed set of fonts that I can use, and where can I find the list from? Regards GC
  12. To be honest, this concerns me more now, I have a UI based game and every engine handles UI differently, moving my project is going to be like moving a mountain ... I guess the best part of Panda 2 was the runtime build on the side without manually setting up a local server (consider I am a noob at it). Does any other engine have a toolchain like Panda 2? Scripting and one click to play the build kind of setup?
  13. We are a bit off topic on the subject of this thread, so I guess bringing together Panda 2 developers is useless because there is no one working on a game with Panda 2? Right?
  14. Heya everyone, I am silently working on a project with Panda2 but at times I feel like I better ask an experienced developer on the platform but then since the turn around time can be a bit long, I tend to dig deeper and find my own solutions. Finding my own solutions has a con, takes more time than needed. So I thought to ask whether anyone would be interested in joining a discord channel for Panda2 dev. Please let me know your thoughts.
  15. Yikes, I feel embarrassed for assuming things here, I assumed : Container takes its position based on the its children Children in Container has their position in world coordinates Both of them were wrong, of course, I don’t know why I assumed so. So I corrected both of it and then its working as intended : game.createScene('Main', { init: function() { var cont = new game.Container(); cont.interactive = true; cont.position.set(0,200); cont.hitArea = new game.Rectangle(100, 100); cont.interactive = true;
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