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  1. Does Phaser particle system has much better performance than if I manually move some sprites? For example, I want to create a burst of 30-50 marbles. I can just create a marble class with x & y movement in Update. Should I use particle system instead? Is there a big performance boost from using particle system?
  2. I'm trying to find the TOTAL memory used by my game (everything from code to textures). Currently I'm using Chrome Task Manager > Javascript memory as my guide. For example if it says (25,000K live), I am assuming that my game is using around 25Mb memory. Is my assumption correct? Does this number represent everything in my game (including textures, audio, etc)? Thanks!
  3. I made a Phaser game with Box2D physics in 600x400 resolution. Now I want to create a version of the same game with twice the resolution (1200x800). Since the world is now bigger, the physics objects don't behave the same (slower movements, etc). How can I keep the game physics to behave like the original game? Thanks in advance!