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  1. Probably use game.add.sprite instead of this.add.sprite Intenta usar game.add.sprite en lugar de this.add.sprite
  2. (phaser 2.11.1) I have some text objects at my stage, and by clicking one of them (actually on input down) I need to 1) create new text object 2) start dragging that object I've created some example of what I have now: Source code could be found at Basically, there are some parts of text that are clickable. Now the user scenario looks like 1) Click/tap the text, so that new text object would be created 2) Drag newly created text to one of the zones (green/red) I want to make it easier for user so that it could just perform drag'n'drop action, but initially tapped text object should stay at its place, and draggable object should be created on down event. Well... the first problem is - I can't event get onInputDown to work 😐 => { console.log('Input Down Detected') }) This gets me nothing (
  3. I have encountered very strange firefox way of multi-line text rendering. Some of the text appears like it has minimal line-height, while other text sprites render normally (see attachment) And if user reloads page - everything start working just fine, but still works wrong if user restarts firefox and then loads page. I can't see any significant difference between right and wrong rendered texts in the way I create text sprites. Had anyone experienced something like this? Any ideas how to fix it? Code for the badly rendered sprite: this.dialogPhrase =, - 110, dialog.text, { font: '18px Russo One', fill: '#222222', wordWrap: true, wordWrapWidth: 820 }); Code for the well rendered sprite: const nextMenuItem =, nextY, item.text, { font: '16px Russo One', fill: '#222222', wordWrap: true, wordWrapWidth: 280 });
  4. I use webfontloader to load google fonts I need in my project. If I load fonts via WebFont.load with then ony latin charecters are rendered using Russo One font. If I alter then only cyrillic charaters are rendered unsing the font I need. How do I create a Text element where both latin and cyrillic characters would be rendered correctly?
  5. Hi there, I'm totally new to Phaser so this might be very basic, but I haven't found anything similar to my problem in Phaser examples or docs. I want to show a single picture and then if player clicked specific image area, show some kind of a menu for an object that was clicked. How could I do that?