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  1. Fun thing: at first I thought the game's starting screen on Itch is just another banner. In fact, this is a very interesting variation of "sea battle". It was quite unusual that the asteroids can bend, but then I got used to it. Also I began to understand that the middle cell of 3x3 grid with several asteroids must be always empty, so, didn't spend charges on it The player can complete level 16 even without may upgrades, by memorizing the results f previous unsuccessful try (like I did )
  2. Thank you! The autoclickers are there: if you are holding the mouse on an object, it will auto-click at a rate 5 clicks/second (or 50 cps if you are speeding time)
  3. Updated the game: now each floor 1-10 unlocks something new to bost the player's progress.
  4. Babel Tower is an incremental idle clicker game where you manage the building of the Tower of Babel. You can mine stone, process the stone to create bricks, chop trees, build crane, sell resources, even invite tourists to your tower, to make money! The game is on ArmorGames: http://armor.ag/BabelTower (rating 65%, 50k plays) The game was made with Phaser 3.19
  5. I figured out a simple workaround. Let's say your game has standard update(t, dt) function. Create an additional function called awayUpdate() and call it via setInterval every 10 seconds. Add variables to your game named lastUpdateMoment = 0 and forcedUpdateMoment = 0, and a flag isRunningUpdateFirstTime = true Your update function will look like: update(t, dt){ this.lastUpdateMoment = t; if (this.isWaiting4ActualUpdateEvent){ this.forcedUpdateMoment = this.lastUpdateMoment; this.isWaiting4ActualUpdateEvent = false; } //t
  6. As the opportunity to submit an HTML5 game to instant games is open now, I want to convert some of my most interesting HTML5 games to be played in messener. Facebook published a very good sample, I wonder, is there Phaser 3 or Phaser 2 specific instant game sample?
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