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  1. @hayesmaker thanks again - it was great to chat, and will send over some further details shortly. @victor.cis thanks for getting in touch - do you have a website/links to some of your previous games, so that I can get a better sense of your experience and interests? Thanks again. @Merixstudio thanks so much for sharing these links - will take a look, and get back to you.
  2. Hi everyone, I’m looking for a Phaser developer to help with the launch of a browser-based foreign language-learning game I’m working on. The game is in the style of a SNES-era RPG, but instead of battles you have conversations with NPCs in your target language, using Google’s voice recognition system. I’ve built a demo version that includes all of the MVP functionality, and has had some good feedback from learners, but need a more experienced dev to slightly improve the quality and help put it online. Potentially up to 100 hours (although could be less) at competitive rates. If this sounds interesting then I’d love to show you the demo, and talk more about the project - please send me a link to your previous games, and your contact details. Thanks so much, and look forward to hearing from you, Nick