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  1. Thanks a lot for your SSAO 2 demo! I like that scene Of course this scene is not really what I'm working with, but the parameters do help a lot.
  2. Hi, i have tried SSAO but found it really hard adjusting parameters...the shadow part is either too noisy or too unapparent, and anti-alias is gone when SSAO is enabled. So is there a perfect parameter setting or something? And is it possible to have both SSAO and anti-alias at the same time? by the way, is the parameter ssaoRatio related to performance? it seems that bigger ssaoRatio leads to lower performance. var ssao = new BABYLON.SSAORenderingPipeline('ssaopipeline', scene, { ssaoRatio: 0.5, combineRatio: 1.0 }, [camera]); here is my code below: https
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