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  1. Thanks SO will my game get accepted if its more than 3mb.
  2. 3mb seems to be too low. How do you keep the final game size below 3mb. Do you guys include sounds??
  3. I was implementing adsense in my game. It works on my website but when i put on other gaming portals, it doesnt seem to work. Does adsense only works on your own websites?? Also is there any ad providers for desktop webgl games??
  4. You can make watever you want for your own website but generating traffic is a problem.
  5. I applied couple of times always got rejected.
  6. Depth in terms of gameplay. You need better UI , graphics and sound. Those games still aint good enough
  7. you need to have far better graphics than those games and far more depth in games.
  8. Have you tried all the sponsors in sponsors section. If yes then you probably need to make better games
  9. wat kinda ads format do you use. Is ads shown only during loading or even in between levels
  10. If its our own ads. then how does revenue share works. Do we have to pay half of our earning to publisher??
  11. wat should do is make a popup that ask user to rate your app in turn for a reward. This popup should come after few minutes of play and not immediately. Google doesnt test you app extensively so you have to make sure that its not visible clearly like in your case. Any way even if you get caught your app gets suspended which isnt a big deal since you dont have much downloads anyway..
  12. Do you integrate ads before you sent them or do they intergate their own ads and sent you revenue??
  13. You should do this even though its not allowed. I myself have done this and got some good downloads from my apps. Trick here is to do this a week after you upload your game for 1st time. then after you get decent ratings and downloads. Remove it.
  14. can you give us more detail about wat your revenue share model is??
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