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    Andy Williams got a reaction from TammySmith in App memory crash on IOS   
    Which phone are you using? I like iPhones. Easy, fast and with an excellent camera. I am a student and of course, sometimes I have difficulties in the learning process. But I use various online applications for iOS. This is an excellent tool for accessing educational resources (video, articles, chats) and services ( like this one). This helps to more confidently manage own education outside of the college.  
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    Andy Williams got a reaction from splashshadow in Halloween Tavern   
    its funny
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    Andy Williams reacted to TammySmith in Why not just make native games?   
    Do you consider this project successful? It means if it will meet expectations in terms of experience, finance. I had a similar situation with work. When my contract ended, I was offered to extend it. But I decided to find a job in my hometown.
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    Andy Williams reacted to TammySmith in Halloween Tavern   
    I think it's a great game. I really like the atmosphere of this holiday. This is one of the oldest holidays in the world. By this time there we have only amusing and fascinating traditions of his celebration. I like these scary costumes. Thanks for the game!)
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    Andy Williams reacted to Umz in Halloween Tavern   
    A little difficult to understand and the tutorial was too quick so I kind of missed what to do  but with a little guess work I was feeding customers like crazy! haha. Fun game and good concept. I think you need to work out the amount of time it takes to fill in the sack because right now seems impossible to actually feed everyone?
    And perhaps add a little time to the monsters heads so you know who to feed first or how long they will stay.
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    Andy Williams reacted to Martzlab000 in Is it wrong to make html5 games focused just for web / pc?   
    @True Valhalla 
    I understand that it is smarter to reach the demand, and that is one of the important points of html5.
    I also mention it because I already have a finished product and wanted to know if I could have a little hope to be able to sell it. Since I have found that the most focusable here is the mobile market.
    But also for games oriented to mobile is very difficult to find publishers or sales .. in my case worked a video game for mobile a few years ago and regardless of the quality, has still remains difficult to find some publisher and more than now I can make video games Of that quality and oriented in html5...
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    Andy Williams reacted to Firenibbler in Is it wrong to make html5 games focused just for web / pc?   
    I would argue that it is not wrong per say, lots of money in the html5 market is through mobile so you would be cutting yourself off from a significant portion of funding. However, that can be easily offset through different design methods. You might notice most html5 games are simply cheap arcade style games, and these games often do best on mobile. If you were willing to put in the time to make a solid RPG, platformer, or mmo that specifically caters to a pc market, with intelegently designed revenue streams, you might find a lot of success. Just because few people choose to go that route, does not mean it's a bad one.
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    Andy Williams reacted to Martzlab000 in Is it wrong to make html5 games focused just for web / pc?   
    @Firenibbler Thanks for comment, I also think the same.
    Then, it all boils down to the type of product and how well you do it.
    It is good to know that this type of game also has a sale.